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How to interface USB HSIC on iMX8QM in devicetree?

Question asked by Philippe Schenker on Aug 26, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2020 by Peter Chen



On L4.14 releases there has always been a device-tree-node called &usbh1 (@ 0x5b0e0000) with that we were able to interface the USB HSIC interface to our USB Hub.


In the latest L5.4.24-2.1.0 release there is no such interface anymore. I searched with the address (0x5b0e0000) if it is newly named but was not successful. This interface seems to be completely gone.


I then tried to bring up the usb interface with fsl,imx7ulp-usb compatible but without success. It always crashed when trying to load so I gave up.


Our original question from 2.5 years ago was here: USB HSIC support for iMX8QM

This issue seems to be tracked in your internal system as: MLK-16715


Could you please send us a patch where you add support back for interface 0x5b0e0000 on iMX8QM (pads USB_HSIC0_STROBE and USB_HSIC0_DATA)


Thanks in advance,
Philippe Schenker


cc: Peter Chen