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Using Gstreamer vpudec on imx8m for Mjpeg and H264

Discussion created by andy bern on Jul 28, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2020 by Bio_TICFSL

Hi, i would like to use hardware acceleration to decode an udp rtp Mjpeg or H264 stream (Mjpeg prefered) with Gstreamer on the imx8m (quad). Im using an Yocto (sumo) BSP. The Display should be the Mipi Dsi (there is an Mipi Dsi to Lvds video converter). On this BSP there is an xwayland (weston) running so for Gstreamer waylandsink can be used. Weston can also be stopped so kmssink can then be used.

The goal is only to use the gpu (vpu) for decoding, converting, ... so the cpu resources are free.



1) How would a gstreamer pipeline look with vpudec and waylandsink or kmssink for mjpeg or h264?


2) Is fbdevsink slower then kmssink or waylandsink?


3) There is no matching colorspace between the output of vpudec and the input of fbdevsink. Is there a gstreamer plugin that uses hardware accelerated colorspace conversion on the imx8m (maybe imxvideoconvert_ipu)?


4) Does wayland use the gpu to some degree (some percent), so that kmssink would be faster then waylandsink because it doesn't have to render the "desktop environment"?