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iMX8M MAC to MAC Communication

Question asked by Sahil Nayak on Jul 11, 2020
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We are working on one project and want to do MAC to MAC communication.


Requirement: iMX8M to iMX8M communication over MAC.


We have done following connections in the schematic:


MAC1_TxC --> MAC2_RxC


MAC1_TxD[3:0] --> MAC2_RxD[3:0]


MAC1_RxC <-- MAC2_TxC


MAC1_RxD[3:0] <-- MAC2_TxD[3:0]


We have used external 125MHz clock source. So my question is, where do we have to connect the external clock source??

Do we have to connect to both MAC1_TxC & MAC2_TxC??

If yes, Can we use the same clock oscillator to connect to both MAC1_TxC & MAC2_TxC??


Anything else need to be taken care?


Please confirm on above. 

Awaiting for your quick response.


Thanks & Regards,

Sahil Nayak