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System Controller API in IMX8QM-MEK

Question asked by vinothkumar s on Jun 10, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2020 by vinothkumar s

Hi All,


I am working on Power Management - IMX8QM MEK board. I have to integrate system controller API to put system low power mode.


I integrated successfully and I got the following response,


M4F and A53, A72 is OFF
                       sc_pm_set_sys_power_mode(ipc_handle, SC_PM_PW_MODE_OFF)
Board Reboot
                        sc_pm_set_sys_power_mode(ipc_handle, SC_PM_PW_MODE_STBY)
No response
                       sc_pm_set_resource_power_mode(ipc_handle, SC_R_A53_0, SC_PM_PW_MODE_OFF)                 
                       sc_pm_set_resource_power_mode(ipc_handle, SC_R_A53_0, SC_PM_PW_MODE_STBY)     
I don't the perfect the perfect API to suspend resume the A53, A72 CPU's
I am following the following reference,
Will you please provide proper SCU API for control Application Processor in Suspend and Wakeup from MCU.
Thanks & Regards,