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Starting Dev with MX8M on Google Coral

Discussion created by Andrew Pikul on Jun 8, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2020 by Andrew Pikul

Hey! I just wanted to introduce myself since I'm starting development for MX8M! Currently dev'ing on Google Coral dev board. Will eventually use a custom breakout board and a SOM, maybe the Coral, maybe a different vendor. Coral uses Mendel linux, a variation on Debian.



I'm going to be using

  • MIPI and/or USB3Vision
  • CortexM4 _I think_ to control the camera and a light source.


Maybe PCIe. The SOM has BT/WiFi that seems to work out of the box so I'm not sure what I'll need to do there.


Kinda hoping I don't get into driver dev hell!


Long term I'm going to be looking at how to reduce power consumption/sleep (mostly for thermal issues).


I'll be using UIO if I need to develop drivers and then I'll move them into kernel space.


Any tips are appreciated! Thanks!