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Can PF1550 handle CC charge lower than 100 mA in WARM stage?

Question asked by Anthony Loiseau on May 28, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2020 by Anthony Loiseau

I have a product with a PF1550. I want to charge the battery using constant current of 25 mA max for high temperatures.


In order to do that, I set a CC 100 mA charge limitation for the JEITA1 NORMAL temperature stage and a CC-75% for COOL/WARM temperature stages.


My first tests (using a potentiometer instead of real battery CTN) show no 25 mA charging stage but a direct 100 mA to 0 mA at HOT temperature (around 2770 Ohms in my case, close to my HOT=+60°C setting).


I wonder to know if PF1550 is capable of handling the JEITA1 COOL/WARM -75% CC setting when NORMAL stage is already at the lowest CC=100mA charge setting.




I tested to setup higher NORMAL charge currents (200mA, 400mA and 800 mA), keeping the CC-75% for WARM temperature range. I can see a lower charge current during the WARM temperature range with those settings, something like 100mA, 100mA and 200mA respectively.