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i.MX7D: How to boot a u-boot image from RAM

Discussion created by Tom Foy on Apr 7, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2020 by Tom Foy

I'd like to test a u-boot image from RAM on the i.MX7D, before I program it to Non-Volatile storage


My procedure is as follows:

- Use "loadb" to transfer the file u-boot.imx:

   => loadb 0x80800000


- Use kermit to send the file (works successfully)


- Run the new u-boot.imx image:

=> go 0x80800000


But the new image fails to boot and nothing is displayed on the console. I have run this process many times in the past on i.MX6 processors, but never on the i.MX7D.


I'm using both the Rocko & Warrior Yocto releases from NXP. I have tried the u-boot.bin image instead of the u-boot.imx --> no success.


Any help appreciated.