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Question asked by Stan Bertrand on Mar 11, 2020
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I would like to understand the behavior of the iMX8QM PMIC_ON_REQ line coming from the SNVS block.


Hardware Question :

  • Is it possible to configure the default state of the PMIC_ON_REQ line ? By default it is high when SNVS power is applied.
  • Can PMIC_ON_REQ line be configured to be low by default ? How is it done ? Efuse ?
  • Is ON_OFF_BUTTON the only way to power up when the system if OFF? Or would enabling the PMIC ( PWRON )  cause a power up as well ?


Software Question :

  • How to access the SNVS control from the different firmware ( SCFW, Linux ) ?  What API is there ?
  • The SCFW has SNVS_PowerOff to turn off the system.
    • Does SNVS_PowerOff set the PMIC_ON_REQ line low directly ?
    • Is there an API to get the current state of the SNVS_Power or the PMIC_ON_REQ line ?
    • Is there an API to set the state of PMIC_ON_REQ ?
    • The SNVS API in the SCFW has SNVS_PowerOff_IRQHandler. How is the interrupt cleared ?