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Ethernet Switch for 6 Ethernet cameras with TDA2Px SoC

Discussion created by Alwin Mathew on Jan 22, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2020 by Wigros Sun

We are planning to develop a 3D-Surround View System using an Ethernet camera.


We have 4 Ethernet cameras for surround view system application and additional 2 Ethernet cameras for

Forward collision detection and Driver drowsiness detection application.


We are using Ethernet camera resolution 1.3Megapixel

The video format is H264.


Could you please help me by suggesting an Ethernet switch part with AWB support for the 6 Ethernet cameras?

We are using TDA2Px SoC for the control engine. TDA2Px provides 2 GMAC interfaces.

Is it possible to get one Ethernet switch for 4 cameras for SVS support?

And also the other Ethernet switch for additional 2 camera support?


Please help me with this query?


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