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using FLEXIO I2C to replace LPI2C function

Question asked by li yanpo on Jan 10, 2020
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I want to use the demo project "flexion_i2c_s32kl46" to read fxls8962's acceleration data( in fact, I can use the LPI2C function to get the data, but the keeping time during reading I2C is not fixed, so I want to try FLEXIO I2C to compare it). I read the demo project's document, and this project uses PA11, PA0 as SCL and SDA. And my S32 board uses the PA2 , PA3. So I want to change the IO configuration in the struct "g_pin_mux_InitConfigArr" from file  pin_mux.c . But this does not work. So can you tell me what I need to do to use FLEXIO i2c function to read fxls8962's data? Thank you.


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