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How to get clock on CCM_CLKO1 for imx6q

Question asked by Vasu Sriram on Oct 19, 2019
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I am working on imx6q board. I am trying to get clock on CCM_CLKO1 (D16 Pin) 24MHz or 12MHz.


while ov5640_mipi is loading i am getting clock for 1 sec later it is disabled. Some times it is showing as 24MHz on scope and some times <10Hz.


How to get clock continuosly on D16 or C22 pins.


I have attached my dtsi file please help me as soon as possible. And i am new to working on clock.

imx6q 5.0.2 android and linux 3.10 kernel version.


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R S S Vasu Naidu.

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