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Memory configuration for i.MX8QXP in U-boot

Discussion created by mc maddie on May 9, 2019
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I'm trying to find lpddr4 configuration for imx8qxp-mek -development board from U-boot, but either it's not there or I'm blind because I just can't seem to find it. There is one for imx8m, but that is different CPU and it's not being used. Seems that imx8qxp_mek_config - file is being used.


I see that imx8m devicetree blobs are being generated, but I haven't yet been able to find which one of them are being used (if any at u-boot). 


On i.MX6 it was easy since ddr timing was set at board-configuration file, but not so much no i.MX8 it seems.


Where I can find the lpddr4 config for i.MX8qxp-mek - board in U-boot? U-boot version seems to be u-boot-imx-2017.03.