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What is the handshake between LCD and PXP

Question asked by 其东 刘 on Apr 25, 2019
Latest reply on May 6, 2019 by igorpadykov

Hello everyone, I want to rotate the screen through PXP. Therefore, when I read the LCD register, I saw the sixth bit of the LCDIFx_CTRLn register in the manual IMX7DRM P4259. There is a description of this: ENABLE_PXP_HANDSHAKE If this bit is set and LCDIF_MASTER bit is set, the eLCDIF will act as bus master and the eLCDIF and PXP will be turned on. If LCDIF_MASTER bit is not set, this bit becomes a don't care.


For this paragraph of information, my understanding is: If ENABLE_PXP_HANDSHAKE and MASTER are set, then the handshake mechanism between LCD and PXP will be enabled. What I want to ask is: What is the role of the handshake mechanism between LCD and PXP? After the handshake, is the LCD data transferred to PXP for processing?The handshake between LCD and PXP, can I use PXP to rotate the screen?
Looking forward to anyone's answer.