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Login Problems with "Terms Agreement" Page

Question asked by TomE on Feb 27, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2019 by Adrian Puga Candelario

I tried to log in today, and couldn't.


Starting at the usual "Login" page, entering the username and password now throws to a multiple-point "Agree to this or not" legal page.


Clicking on "I Agree" threw me back to the "Login" page, looking the same as last time, and definitely NOT logged on.


I couldn't get out of that loop.


I was able to use the "Chat if you have problems logging in" (which was off-line as it is night time over there), and then got a very rapid response from "Susi" who suggested I delete cookies, and if that didn't work, use another browser.


I deleted all "freescale" and "nxp" cookies and was then able to log in (and then able to post this message).

I should ask a question, as that's what this page is for...


Can NXP change the cookie handling so this doesn't happen to others?