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Two Ethernet coexist discussion

Question asked by RueiChang Chang on Jan 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2019 by RueiChang Chang

Hello everyone, 


     I have been researching how to make two ethernets coexist.  I know the standard Android only have one ethernet.

So I tried to modify fsl's ethernet app and frameworks. and finally, I can have eth0 and eth1 working at the same time.


   To ping different IPs in eth0 and eth1 is working. So I thought I had completed the two LAN on i.MX6. But unfortunately...there is a problem still there.


   I found no matter which one I enable first, the DNS of the first one will be disabled as long as I enable another ethernet.


   But meanwhile, it is no problem to ping the IP in these two ethernets.


   I don't know if I missed something. Does anyone of you know how to let the first DNS keep working even enable another ethernet?  Thanks in advance.




My platform is i.MX6 duallite with Android 6, kernel 4.1.15.