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Build mfgtool firmware uboot

Question asked by tsung li wang on Aug 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2020 by Anush Deekonda

Hi community,

I'm working on the i.MX6 sabresd Quad platform with no PMIC.


While I try to burn image with mfgtool and I received log that show no pmic detected.


So I assumed that I need to build new uboot and kernel for mfgtool.


I had set the environment for Yocto project and try to build uboot image and kernel image with "bitbake linux-imx-mfgtool" and "bitbake u-boot-mfgtool" .


But I do not know where can I modify uboot code to avoid detecting pmic.



  1. Is there any document show how to build customize uboot and kernel for mkfgtool firmware?
  2. Is u-boot folder shared with both mfgtool firmware and image of my board?