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Can't compile RPMSG application for A9.

Question asked by Vadim Filippenko on Jan 30, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2020 by Mohammed Algoblan

Dear community,

I use iMX SoloX COM board and want to send data between M4 and A9.

I can run pingpong example successfully and can compile this example in Eclipse for M4.
But I have some problems to compile for A9/linux in eclipse. I've built toolchain and other images with bitbake, but can't build the chain in eclipse with headers files like linux/module.h which mentioned in rpmsg example.  Building without <linux/kernel.h><linux/module.h><linux/rpmsg.h>, for example, simple "Hello World" appl is OK.

I can't find out which sources/folders should I use for rpmsg linux side. Does anybody have the same experience to compile A9 rpmsg appl in Eclipse or another IDE and give me a tip?