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EMMC (CMD1) not responding to IMX 6DL

Question asked by DHARITRI HAZARIKA on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2020 by Ivan Angelov

Dear expert,


I am using IMX 6Dual Lite processor (MCIMX6U8DVM10AB) and
EMMC 4.51 (MT29PZZZ8D5BKFTF-18 W.95L). The clock(400Khz) is fine from the
processor, but after issuing CMD1 the Present Status Register
(uSDHCx_PRES_STATE) of IMX6DL shows CIHB as 1 which means CMD line of eMMC is
busy and any further commands to the e-MMC will be ignored and it shows
"CMD1 Fail" .I believe, one of the reasons for no response from the
device is incompatible voltage range, but both emmc and the processor are set
to 3.3V.


Your inputs for this situation would be very helpful.