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UBIFS: recovery needed

Discussion created by Birger Bauch on Mar 29, 2012
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normaly the ubifs recovery prozess will be startet automaticly on mount, if nesessary.

mount -o sync -t ubifs ubi0:data /mnt/data

UBIFS: recovery needed
UBIFS: recovery completed
UBIFS: mounted UBI device 0, volume 2, name "data"
UBIFS: file system size:   33013760 bytes (32240 KiB, 31 MiB, 260 LEBs)
UBIFS: journal size:       1650688 bytes (1612 KiB, 1 MiB, 13 LEBs)
UBIFS: media format:       w4/r0 (latest is w4/r0)
UBIFS: default compressor: lzo
UBIFS: reserved for root:  1559321 bytes (1522 KiB)

Here everything works fine. But sometimes the recovery prozess failes:

mount -o sync -t ubifs ubi0:firmware /mnt/firmware

UBIFS: recovery needed
UBI error: ubi_io_read: error -74 while reading 34816 bytes from PEB 467:96256,
read 34816 bytes
UBIFS error (pid 772): ubifs_recover_leb: corrupt empty space LEB 253:114688, co
rruption starts at 811
UBIFS error (pid 772): ubifs_scanned_corruption: corruption at LEB 253:811
UBIFS error (pid 772): ubifs_recover_leb: LEB 253 scanning failed
mount: mounting ubi0:firmware on /mnt/firmware failed: Structure needs cleaning


I suppose that is similar to following mailing list entry:

According to the ubifs documentation, chapter "Power-cuts tolerance", the problem were seen on NOR flash with kernel version 2.6.27 and should be solved in later versions.


Any idea, how can we solve this problem?


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p.s. We got these error also on the rootfs ubifs partition, which will be mounted by the kernel via kernel command line.



CONFIG_PKG_BOOT_STREAM_CMDLINE1="noinitrd console=ttyAM0,115200 ubi.mtd=1 root=ubi0:rootfs0 rootfstype=ubifs rw gpmi"


mxs-rtc mxs-rtc.0: setting system clock to 1970-01-17 07:02:25 UTC (1407745)
UBIFS: recovery needed
UBI error: ubi_io_read: error -74 while reading 73728 bytes from PEB 108:57344, read 73728 bytes
UBIFS error (pid 1): ubifs_recover_leb: corrupt empty space LEB 326:53248, corruption starts at 3653
UBIFS error (pid 1): ubifs_scanned_corruption: corruption at LEB 326:3653
UBIFS error (pid 1): ubifs_recover_leb: LEB 326 scanning failed
VFS: Cannot open root device "ubi0:rootfs0" or unknown-block(0,0)
Please append a correct "root=" boot option; here are the available partitions:
1f00           10240 mtdblock0 (driver?)
1f01          120832 mtdblock1 (driver?)
fe00           41044 ubiblka (driver?)
fe08           41044 ubiblkb (driver?)
fe10           32860 ubiblkc (driver?)
Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)
[<c0031260>] (dump_backtrace+0x0/0x114) from [<c02eb078>] (dump_stack+0x18/0x1c)
 r7:c0028a24 r6:00008000 r5:c7c15000 r4:c0402818