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Shijo Abraham
I would like to do an arithmetic operation on a 64 bit value.  Will CW 10.6 will support this arthematic calculation for MC9S12ZVCA192 micr controller. Please help. 

cheng chen
We want use sdcard update system ,linux kernel,rootfs, like Android. now ,we use nand on imx6ull. That means ,update NAND flash with external sdcard. so,How to do ?
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This is a tool can generate a DDR3 script easily for i.Mx6DQSDL and only need input several parameters based on using DDR datasheet and system architecture. Following docs(English or Chinese version) are also can be referred as a hand on guide. Freescale i.MX6 DRAM Port Application Guide-DDR3 飞思卡尔i.MX6平台DRAM接口高阶应用指导-DDR3篇   Please find
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敏周 安井
We have a custom board with i.MX6SX and a SGTL5000 chip. On that board we are running Linux built with Yocto  and kernel . we have experienced an issue. we play sound on SGTL5000 and after The SGTL5000 registers have been reset.   What is the condition under which the SGTL5000 registers are reset? Best regards,