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Ryan Shuttleworth
Hello I am using MCUXpresso IDE, version v10.1.0 [Build 589] [2017-11-14] with an MIMXRT1050-EVK SDK, version  2.3.0 (2017-11-16).   I was previously using a Rev. A3 of the MIMXRT1050-EVK and was able to program and debug via the OpenSDA interface under both Linux and OSX.  Our new A4 boards do not enumerate under Linux and

Jackson Ritchey
I have configured flexio to implement an spi peripheral that lights off 10 x (2 byte) spi transactions on every falling edge of a pin without any CPU intervention. I have two shift registers, one in receive mode and one in transmit mode. The transmit shift register is loaded using a 20 byte DMA circular buffer, and the receive shift register