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zeng jianfeng
Hi all:   1. i.MX8 ADC_IN0 pin can't config to GPIO function, here is my dts pin config: SC_P_ADC_IN0_LSIO_GPIO3_IO18            0x1E000000 2. when as output function, pin value always 0; 3. when as input function, gpio value always 0 no matter what level at the pin connected.

Baasanjav Jargalsaikhan
Hello, I am new to NXP products. I am using MIMXRT1062DVL6A development board.    The board has the qspi flash built into it. And I am able to boot from the flash.  And inside my linker file, I allocated some region inside my flash.  I just wanted to write something and read back from the qspi flash.   
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Egor Rumjantsev
Hello. We develop custom board based on IMX6D + 2 LPDDR2 chips. Design based on Sabre board. I bring up U-Boot from Freescale's Yocto BSP and looks like memory chips is working fine. Next step was porting kernel to our board. But in that step i stuck on memory init during booting kernel. I wrote my version of Device Tree files for our board