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jingjia shi
hi Yiping Wang   please refer my question   emmc boot In my first custom board  , sdhc_clk,sdhc_cmd have waveform,sdhc_data0 always pull low In my second custom board, sdhc_clk,sdhc_cmd have waveform,sdhc_Data0 have waveform but ls1046a have no responding,and it keep reset.  

appalanaidu g
Hello,   We are new to working on P4080DS board. During one of the operations, NOR Flash got erased. So we could no longer boot from NOR flash. Hence we prepared an SDCard for booting P4080DS with the following files provided (ref thread SD Card boot for P4080DS ).   1.  u-boot-sdcard-2016.01+fslgit-r0.bin
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LPCware Support
Normally global variables in an application will end up in either a ".data" (initialized) or ".bss" (zero-initialized) data section within your linked application. Then when your application starts executing, the startup code will automatically copy the initial values of ".data" sections from Flash to RAM, and zero-initialize ".bss" data sections