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Joey Gouly
Hi all,   I'm having lots of issues with KBOOT on a MKL27Z and OS X.   The problem is that sometimes it just doesn't seem to register properly on the host, and I can't figure out why.   I can see it appear as 'Kinetis Bootloader' for 1s, and then it disconnects. Sometimes this happens, but after a few tries it 'settles' and I'm

Hello all, I want to do EEPROM emulation on MPC5602P. I'm using CodeWarrior. And I got EEE_Driver_v1.3.0 and I installed it, which had demo project for MPC5604P.  As per the suggestion from the post, I modified the settings. I tried flashing to my MPC5602P, but it always stuck in  main() -> "Write eeprom data records" How