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Truong Huy
Dear NXP, I'm running android 9 automotive on imx8qm mek board. In my project, I need to display a logo in u-boot. How can I do it, and keep the logo untill android bootanimation start? Thanks.

Daiane Angolini
Yocto Project versions and names Preparing host environment For virtual machine (VirtualBox): Download the source code from community Download the source code from NXP Code Aurora Yocto Project versions and names  See here the list of all yocto version names: Releases - Yocto Project    The current stable
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yong wan
Hi When i use s32ds(version is 2018.R1) create a project,I want to build the project using release, It can build successful 11:32:50 **** Incremental Build of configuration Release for project wheel4 **** make -j4 all Building target: wheel4.elf Executing target #78 wheel4.elf Invoking: Standard S32DS C Linker arm-none-eabi-gcc -o "wheel4.elf"
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Hi everyone,    I am using  DEVKIT-MPC5748G to develop bootloader. But I got some problem while using c55 flash driver.    The problem is that using pFlashErase() to erase 256KBlock will get stuck in IVOR1_Handler after I unlock the all the 256KBlock except the 22th 256KBlock  by