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S32K144 Bootloader Example

Discussion created by Võ Liêm on Feb 12, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2020 by ABDERRAHIM JAMAOUI

Hi all,

I want to share S32K144 bootloader example (based on AN12218SW : S32K148) using S32K144EVB


This example includes :

1. Bootloader interface : Tool to download User Application to S32K144 when running bootloader

2. Bootloader_b11 : Bootloader project

3. bootloader_app_b10 :  User Application project


How to use :

I) Step 1 : to flash Bootloader (BootLoader_b10.elf) to S32K144 (through USB micro connector)



II) Step 2 : Bootloader will wait in 10 seconds for you click "download" user application 'bootloader_app_b10.srec' file through Serial_Bootloader_Interface.jar tool (Select Baudrate = 19200). If not, Bootloader will run forever in for-loop (user application is not downloaded into S32K144)




Note1 : After User Application is downloaded into S32K144, Bootloader will automatically jump to user application (RED LED and GREEN LED blink alternately)

Note2 : If you re-build User Application in User Application project, you need to modify a little srec file (bootloader_app_b10\Debug\bootloader_app_b10.srec)

Good luck .. ^_^