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How to read video from OV5640 camera on OpenCV Python 3?

Question asked by on Jan 8, 2020
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Hi NXPs, 

My name is Toan. I just bought a new OV5640 camera which compatible with iMX6ULEVK(I am using this board). I can display preview video(approx 30 fps) , capture image and record video(640x480 is 15 fps) with gstreamer command. Now I wanna read video from Python 3 and image processing with OpenCV. I am using:

camera = cv2.CaptureVideo('/dev/video1') but fps is only 7.5 instead of 30 fps like gstreamer command. I tried with camera = cv2.CaptureVideo(1) but not working.

I also try to install v4l2capture but not compatible with python 3. 

So what should I do now(except using v4l2capture ).

Thank you very much,