Reading i.MX6DQ UID (Unique ID) from fusemap

Document created by AlanZhang Employee on Mar 31, 2013
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According to iMX6DQRM chapter 46 (On-Chip OTP Controller), the UID field is located at offsets 0x410 and 0x420 from the base address of the OCOTP.  That is: OTP Bank0 Word1 - contains the first word of the UID OTP Bank0 Word2 - contains the second word of the UID.

md.l 21bc410

021bc410: d72d7372 d72d7372 d72d7372 d72d7372

021bc420: 906709d4 906709d4 906709d4 906709d4..g...g...g...g.

Comparing to the read information under Linux shell:

cat /proc/cpuinfo


Serial : 906709d4d72d7372

The value is identical from uboot and linux kernel reading back.



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