eIQ on i.MX RT1064 EVK

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Currently eIQ for i.MX RT is available as part of the MCUXpresso SDK for the RT1060, RT1050, and RT685 families. However the eIQ demos can also be ran on the i.MXRT1064-EVK with just a few modification to the RT1060 projects. 




1. Import an i.MX RT1060 project into the SDK. For this example, we'll use the Label Image demo. 


2. Right click on the project in the workspace and select Properties. 



3. Open the C/C++ Build -> MCU Settings page


4. Change the "Location" of the BOARD_FLASH parameter to 0x70000000 which is where the flash is located on the RT1064. Also adjust the size to be 0x400000. You will need to type it out. 



5. Then you need to change the "Driver" parameter so the debugger knows to use the flash algorithm for the RT1064 board. Click on that field and you will see a "..." icon come up. Click on it. 



6. Change the Flash driver to MIMXRT1064.cfx



7. Click on OK to close the dialog box, then click on Apply and Close to close the Properties dialog box. 




8. Next we need to modify the MPU settings for the new flash address. 


9. Open up board.c file. Modify the lines below to change the memory address and the memory size on lines 330 and 331.




9. Finally, modify the clock settings code to ensure that FlexSPI2 is enabled. The clock setup code in the RT1060 SDK disables FlexSPI2, so we need to comment out that code in order to run the example on the RT1064. Open up clock_config.c file and comment out lines 264, 266, and 268.


11. Compile and debug the project like normal and this project will now run on the RT1064 board. 


Updated July 2020 for the SDK 2.8.0 release. 

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