Enable mbedTLS 2.4.0 on i.MX6UL SDK2.2

Document created by Xiaodong Zhang Employee on Jul 4, 2017
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The attched package includes mbedTLS and CAAM driver based on SDK2.2, you can apply it on Windows Installer: MCUXpresso SDK2.2 for i.MX 6UltraLite

1. fsl_caam.c and fsl_caam.h under devices\MCIMX6G3\drivers is CAAM driver.

2. Some files under middleware\mbedtls-2.4.0\port\sdk are porting code for mbedTLS

3. Example codes are under folder boards\evkmcimx6ul which have driver example and mbedTLS example.

4, The patch package only support IAR toolchain.

5, Due to SDK don't support allocation of non-cachable memory dynamically, so some static non-cachable bufferes in sdk_mbedtls.c is used for shared memory with hareware. So mbedTLS don't be used for multi-thread concurrently.

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