• LS1046a EMMC hardware question

    hi Yiping Wang   please refer my question https://community.nxp.com/thread/522478   emmc boot In my first custom board  , sdhc_clk,sdhc_cmd have waveform,sdhc_data0 always pull low In my second...
    jingjia shi
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  • Programming NOR Flash - P4080DS

    Hello,   We are new to working on P4080DS board. During one of the operations, NOR Flash got erased. So we could no longer boot from NOR flash. Hence we prepared an SDCard for booting P4080DS with the followin...
    appalanaidu g
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  • i.MX6UL with Secure Boot and HAB errors

    I can't seem to find definitive information on what the cause may be to the HAB Event error of (0x22) or HAB_INV_ADDRESS.   --------- HAB Event 1 ----------------- event data:    0xdb 0x00 0x08 0...
    Joe Duong
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  • SoC SION bit doesn't "follow" RT1064 Ref.Manual description of SW_MUX_CTL Register

    I needed I2C-3 peripheral, so I configured it using pinTool v.7 routing to available pins. The code generated by pinTool shows nothing unusual, the SION bits for both SDA [J12] and SCL [K10] pins are set by pinTool t...
    Steve Surowinski
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  • Repairing issue with mobile

    Hello,   I am working with KW36 module for my BLE project. I have enabled the Pairing and Bonding to connect with mobile device using authentication. I have also enabled the NVM functionality to store BLE d...
    Chintan Patel
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  • Replace KL27 with K32L2A

    Hi,   I want to upgrade KL27 based project with new K32L2A (same 64 LQFP package and pinout), to have higher speed and more Flex IO shift / timer.   KL27 is working on 48 MHz CPU clock with 24 MHz flash cl...
    Josip Haluska
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  • How to debug a power off issue with multilink?

    Processor: MK64FN1M0 Debuger: multilink universal fx Problem: When power off --> on my device, a range of flash ROM corrupted, access these address will cause a hard exception. Then attach to the processor w...
    HUANG da
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  • MIFAREdiscover fail to work with Ntag424dna

    Hi!  I try to program my NTAG424Dna using MIFAREdiscover program: - We purchased Pegoda MFE710 kit - Installed win10 drivers - Updated  Pegoda firmware - Started MIFAREdiscover - Succeed to perfor...
    Eugene Grekov
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  • Felica card support in PN7150

    Hi all,     I have successfully ported PN7150 in my custom hardware (msm8909) which is running under Android Nougat. How to enable Felica card support in PN7150. Please provide the documents or libraries ne...
    Sivasubramaniyan P
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  • spi first time op error in imx6ull with kernel 4.19.35

    hardware: imx6ull kernel: kernel 4.19.35 in custom board, i use ecspi1 controller two devices,  dts as follow: ecspi1 {    fsl,spi-num-chipselects = <2>;    cs-gpios = <...
    he lun
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  • i.MX6DP VPU driver leaks memory on application crash

    Hi all,   We're using the VPU for video decoding and discovered an interesting problem(s). Let's say we have an App1 and App2, both are using libimxvpuapi to decode video frames. Consider the following scenario...
    Rostyslav Khudolii
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  • RT1052 CSI - stuck waiting for GetFullBuffer

    We are using the CSI in our custom RT1052 board, our code is BASED on the AN12110SW, but as we don't have an LCD, our camera is monochrome, etc - it's been altered according to our hardware.      I can...
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  • Is there a lpuart edma transfer size limit?

    Hello, I am using a combination of the lpuart_edma_rb_transfer and semc_sdram examples for the RT1020 EVK board to evaluate the uart transfer for big data sizes. From the host PC I send a data file via Tera Term to t...
    Stefan Mitterhauser
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  • iMXRT1064 Emwin Demo 16 bpp

    I have a Emwin Demo SDK code generated for iMXRT EVK 1064 board.  I am using MCUXpresso 11.1 version with SDK 2.7.0   The Emwin Demo default LCD configuration is for 32 bit mode i.e. LCD_BITS_PER_PIXEL is 3...
    Anuj Tanksali
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  • Using RT1052 SDRAM config from EVK demo

    Could you confirm if the Micron MT48LC16M16A2b4-6a can use the same config as the RT1052EVK's ISSI is42s16160j-6bli SDRAM? ISSI datasheet: http://www.issi.com/WW/pdf/42-45S83200J-16160J.pdf Micron: ht...
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  • NFC USB Dongle NXP-NCI_Linux_example

    Hello, I'm pretty new to C programming   I'm trying to get the MIKROE-2540 NFC dongle working on my linux VM running Ubuntu 18.04.   I tried running the the linux example with bash, but I get an ...
    Mouta Chiang
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  • SLRC610: Single Reader Multiple antenna design

    Hi, We are using SLRC610 for one of our inventory management application using ISO15693. Inorder to increase the reading range we are planning to use multiple antennas (two or four) with one reader.   Is it fin...
    Akash S
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  • SCTimer/PWM for Controlling a AC Fan Motor??

    Hello All,   I have a project that controls an AC fan motor via a triac. It senses the zero crossing & then after a delay triggers the triac to supply power to the ac motor. The speed of the fan is determine...
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  • ADC samples fluctation for Constant input voltage

    Hi, I am working on 12 bit ADC with custom board which has MK22FX512AVLQ controller. When I am giving a constant voltage to ADC, I am observing a considerable fluctuation in the samples. The 3.3 V supply to the contro...
    Vaibhavi P
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  • lptmr and ftm components both define HAL_TimerInit

    I've since realized I don't need the abstraction layer, but I figured I report this problem. Using MCUXpresso 11.1 and SDK 2.7.0 for a new K64 project I included both the ftm_adapter and the lptmr_adapter abstaction l...
    Larry York
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