• Build warning: setting incorrect section attributes for .text.$Flash2

    Hello,   I hope Erich Styger will notice this post and help me out but all other experts in linkers and section attributes for data in flash memory are very welcome.  Thanks.   This image shows the co...
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  • Is there a linux 4.12 fork for imx 6ull.

    I was trying to find linux 4.12.x version for my imx6ull board. I do not see any fork for imx in freescale git or linux-imx repo in code aurora. Any pointers to the repo will be helpful.   Thanks - Pankaj
    Pankaj Joshi
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  • JN 5169 Hang Up

    1.My quetion:JN 5169 Coordinator hang up when Roter joining the newwork.When the chip hang up ,there is no uart signal,no RF signal,and watchdog not reboot the device.When I reboot the device 2 days later, the &#...
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  • Handle error 0x82 0x89 in JN5169 SDK 4170

    Hi, Im using JN5169, SDK 4170. When checking zigbee performance I get some errors ZPS_XS_E_NO_FREE_SIM_DATA_REQ, ZPS_XS_E_BAD_PARAM_APSDE_REQ_RSP after getting 0xD0 ( ZPS_NWK_ENUM_ROUTE_DISCOVERY_FAILED ). These ero...
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  • Question about 5744P memory ECC check code storage location

    Recently I am looking at the 5744P memory ECC module. I have a question about whether ECC checkBit takes up normal memory space. Because I read from the datasheet that the ECC checksum is stored in memory, but I don't...
    建浩 章
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  • SRAM Interface With LPC4367

    I am using LPC4367 for my product development. I refered the code for EMC interface. But after interfacing code the and debugging i am facing follwing issue when I interfaced SRAM (IS64WV12816DBLL). When I write the ...
    Gaurav More
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  • Problem in creating dtb file using dtc (FATAL ERROR: Unable to parse input tree)

    Dear All,   I am trying to create dtb file using the below command  "dtc -I dts -O dtb -o ls1021a-twr.dtb ls1021a-twr.dts" and i see the below errors   Error: ls1021a-twr.dts:10.1-2 syntax error FAT...
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  • Any ideas what is wrong with this typedef ?

    Any ideas what is wrong with this typedef ?   LPC_ETHERNET /****************************************************************************************************//**  * @file     LPC43xx....
    Randy Seedle
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  • Issue flashing VxWorks bootloader into P4080DS Ref Board

    We are having an issue programming a VxWorks Boatloader into a P4080DS reference board.  We are using UBOOT and ftp to transfer the file to memory, then using UBOOT command line to erase and program the FLASH. &#...
    Mike Lackey
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  • imx8mq uboot使用uart2打印消息

    imx8mq uboot使用uart2打印消息,使用的是官网上linux_qt_4_14_78和android9.0的程序,修改了uboot的代码,但是在uboot运行时卡死。不能使用uart2打印消息。默认是使用uart1. 修改点如下: 1、imx8mq_evk.h 2、imx8mq_evk.c 修改完uboot不能启动,请问使用uart2打印uboot源码应该如何修改?
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    Hello NXP, I am not able to find the purpose of the following signals on i.MX RT1060.   USB_OTG1_PWR USB_OTG1_OC USB_OTG1_VBUS   In the documentation, there is no reference either. Below is the only rele...
    Arpit Arora
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  • P1013 etsec1 not working

    I am using u-boot for testing tsec. It is setting the TBASE properly and status in 0x9C00 i.e. I am setting the ready bit. In our design we have 64bit DDR3. The buffer and buffer descriptor are both in DDR3.   ...
    Supriyo Ganguly
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  • ads1191 adc reading error using SPI bus

    Hello , In our custom board(IMX6ULL) we used ads1191-16bit ADC SPI interface , The Driver for the same is being probed but when we read  ADC value the output is zero even though giving (2V to 3.3V for AIN(4th pi...
  • RS485 support on iMX8 ?

    i Sir, We will enable RS-485 function for imx8. I can see tty patch (fsl_lpuart.c) already add support for RD-485. But lpuart probe not setting rs485 config when "lpuart_is_32(sport)" always is ture. RS485 support o...
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  • How to receive a large amount of data by P2P (PN7150)

    Hello I'm using PN7150 with NXP library (SW4325). My task is to receive data via p2p (more than 1 kB), but when I'm doing it library can't receive full data packets (22 messages were sent, but only 6 were received, an...
    Dzmitry Kremez
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  • NXP QN9080C: UART and VCOM

    Hi, I am working with QN908x SoC. I need to enable both VCOM and UART as two separate channels of communication. I am trying to do this by setting up two tasks: 1) For USB which spawn VCOM and 2) For UART. I have not...
    Sapna Skinner
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  • MKL28Z what voltage level to register positive logic 1?

    Hello,   I've look at the MKL28Z datasheet and reference manual but I could not find a direct statement that says exactly what input voltage to GPIO will register a solid positive logic 1 to the MCU?&#...
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  • Allow downloads from SDK Builder without login

    It would help build and automation scripts if the IDE and SDK could be downloaded from the SDK Builder from a script. Currently, the downloads are blocked unless performed from a browser where the user has logged in. ...
    Lucas Magasweran
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  • Correct to use _RODATA(Flash2) to define "variable" data in flash?

    *MCU = MKL28Z512VLL7  (has 512KB flash memory built-in) *IDE = MCUXpresso *Debugger = PEMicro Multilink *Custom target board   Hi,   I'm starting new & separate question from previous one about...
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  • How to use lwIP in lpc17xx without RTOS and with custom board

    Hi,  I'm trying to implement lwIP on a lpc17xx chip without RTOS and with a custom board, so without linking LPC board library. I watched LPCOpen examples, but board.h is always linked in the project. Is th...
    Marco Milani
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