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Bryan Gauvrit
Hello, I have a problem with the compilation of my project, he doesn't return any binary file and i need it to program my board (an LPCXpresso54628). Can somebody help me to create it please ?
Justa Cai
Dear:   when login accout, the web show this : You have been redirected to this page because your ID is INACTIVE in Flexera. Please Activate your account to proceed. If you believe you have reached this page in error, please contact NXP® Technical Support.     can you help reactive account id?   my account id :   Thank you!
bing yin
Click to view contentHello. 关于MKV46F256的有些特殊得通道,ADC得通道号和函数void CADC_SetSampleConfig(ADC_Type *base, uint16_t sampleIndex, const cadc_sample_config_t *config)中得第二个参数sampleIndex得值如何让确定请告知。如使用ADCA_CH6A(pin14)时,则此时通道号和sampleIndex如何确定?代码片段如下 以上问题还请解答一下,或者提供ADCA_CH6a,ADCA_CH7a,ADCA_CH6c,ADC_CH7c的配置历程及说明。谢谢!
Stéphane Mancini
Hi, I would like to do a close loop control on the alamak car but there is an issue with the speed measurement Indeed, there are two speed measurement pins but - SPEED2 is connected to PTA1 => to a TPM TPM2_CH0 - SPEED1 is connected to PTC5 => to a LPTMR0_ALT2 It seems there is no way to connect SPEED1 to a TPM So, how can SPEED1 be used the… (Show more)
Ganji Aravind
Hi everyone, i am using LTIB BSP for MPC8309 freescale Tower Board ,The present kernel version is 2.6.34 and i am willing to upgrade the kernel to 3.10.x version ,how i can upgrade the kernel to any interested version.   can any one help me for these work?...