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joahh jushan
收到warning怎么办?咨询QQ:1252839746 近年来,中国经济发展迅速,有越来越多的家庭希望把孩子送到美国来深造,因此导致美国留学愈来愈热,在美留学的中国留学生人数也直线上升。美国大学也非常喜欢中国留学生入校学习。因为对他们来说中国学生不仅成绩好而且还会为他们带来一笔很可观的收入。可是随着留学生的人数增多,也有同样的被学校开除,I-20被关的学生也越来越多。… (Show more)
Click to view content业内很多工程师都在使用IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM(简称EWARM)作为ARM平台的开发工具。可您真的会用IAR EWARM吗? 如何在保持代码紧凑的同时提升系统性能? 如何灵活自如地安排代码和数据的存储地址? 如何在程序全速运行的时候实时查看变量的数值? 如何简便而准确地测量一段代码的执行时间? 对于这些嵌入式软件开发中常见的问题,我们的网络课程将为您一一解答。 IAR EWARM网络课程   专家简介 胡文婷,现任IAR Systems高级工程师,具有近十年嵌入式行业设计和支持经验,专注于嵌入式开发工具相关方面的技术研究与培训。  姜桥,现任麦克泰高级工程师,具有二十年嵌入式开发工具支持经验。 授课部分… (Show more)
Ganesh Koda
Hello everyone, Greetings of the day...         we are doing the flat design with imx6ul with 2 RAMs(MT41K512M8DA-107P). So how can i configure this in barebox source. is any reference is available with 2 RAMs?   Thanks & Regards Ganesh.K
Ganesh Koda
I am working on pwm audio driver, i got some pwm driver from below link: GitHub - Glowforge/kernel-module-imx-pwm-audio: i.MX6 PWM audio driver    Please look at this driver once from above.............................. code from driver... "sdma-params" passing from device tree   /* Read SDMA channel number and load address */   if… (Show more)
us the tile, I use molloc function sucessfuly in S12G128 mcu。 and this way solve one bug that my code will stop at a  not certern position, because of the use of RAM. Because , I just use a  buf[384] way for example, and so total RAM size is reduced.  But after use molloc way, this question is solved .
Chinedu Onyenobi
Jaden NewMan Early Life Jaden Newman was born in the year 2004 on the 13th of June. She was born into the family of Vivian Newman and Jamie Newman. At the age of 3, she started playing basketball and she grew up loving basketball.   When she became a teenager, her father became the coach of basketball in her school and he later talked her into… (Show more)
joahh jushan
英国是大多数留学生向往的留学深造目的地之一,(【联系方式QQ-1252839746】当面临诸多例如:Probation、Withdrawal、Suspension、Dismissal、等学术警告问题的时候,很多学生选择了联系我们修改成绩单达到学分GPA要求或删除学术不良记录重新回到学校。)很多留学生在美国学习后都学到了很多知识,成长为更好的自己。但是,在学习过程中,难免遇到磕磕绊绊,比如:刚来到美国会遇到Culture shock(文化冲突);刚入学会听不懂老师的授课内容;生活上出现各种不可预期的困难;mid-term和final期间没日没夜地复习。历练中,很多学生成功克服困难,顺利完成学业,但也有一部分学生面对过 停学 ( Suspension… (Show more)
When I wanted to use CAN to wake up the MCU which was in SLEEP MODE, the HardFaultReset had been happened. Because of configure the register about can, such as CTRL1_PN, the offset is wrong, and cause the  incorrect address access in register area.   In the head file of S32K144.h(from S32DS_ARM_v2018.R1), you can find the line write as uint8_t… (Show more)
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