• RT1050-EVK Boot from SD Card to ITCM

    Hello,   I have been trying to make my RT1050-EVK (REV A) boot from SD card, by following the instructions in AN12107.pdf. All the steps up to and including the MfgTool flashing process complete successfully, ho...
    Nikolaos Chatzinikolaou
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  • i.MXRT eMMC boot

    Hi   I am having problems getting  i.MXRT to boot from eMMC.  My current setup is the EVB with an uSD to eMMC converter connected in the uSD socket (J20).   I am able to communicate with the eMMC...
    Anders Esbensen
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  • Having trouble with MFG Tool ( fuse programming )

    I'm having some trouble using the manufacturing tools to program one fuse. The target is a custom board with 1062. My first question is about how to use the tools. My understanding is that step 1 is to use sdphost to ...
    George Pontis
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  • Is non-XIP possible on RT1050 QSPI Flash

    Hello all, I was wondering if it's possible to load and execute a RAM based, non-XIP image from QSPI NOR Flash on the RT1050.  I have been looking at the example bd files in the Flashloader_RT1050_1.x archive and...
    Ryan Shuttleworth
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  • About NXP-MCUBootUtility

    Hello,    I have question about NXP-MCUBootUtility for i.MX-RT. This is really nice tool we can use to flash an external SPI NOR flash via i.MX-RT. But does NXP have any written license agreement or discl...
    Norihiro Michigami
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  • GPIO Interrupt Newbie Question

    Hi Gents,  New to interrupts on the iMXRT. How does one register a GPIO interrupt handler (say as you use to do with registerHandlerGPIO(x,y, my_handler) )?  There are the double-weak functions...  So ...
    Mike Spenard
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  • iMXRT1064 Bootloader

    Hi, I am developing a bootloader for iMXRT1064 to update the firmware in the inbuilt flash (interfaced through FLEXSPI2). As per my understanding, the bootloader in the bootrom section can be used to perform flash op...
    hemadri payam
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  • Cache handling on the iMXRT-Family

    Hello,   NXP has altered the CMSIS-Sources (from here https://github.com/ARM-software/CMSIS_5) and added an extra “register”-qualifier (see below-left the NXP Version – below-right, the one fro...
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  • fsl_usdhc.c USDHC_ReceiveCommandResponse() miscompile

    I could be wrong but it seems gcc (any version) with -O3 enabled miscompiles fsl_usdhc.c USDHC_ReceiveCommandResponse(). This appears to be an issue with gcc. Gcc doesn't properly generate the asm code; ...
    Buck Fobb
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  • LCD frame buffer in HyperRAM

    Hi, I am using my own design with IMXRT1062. I have connected S70KS1281 hyperram chip to FLEXSPI2 interface. All initialization of hyperram is based on AN12239SW example project.   Hyperram is working, I am abl...
    Peter Janco
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  • Internal Events

    I am new in MIMXRT1062 and our goal is to use it as a motor controller. RT1062 has XBAR to connect various peripherals with each other.  If I would like to measure the exact timing of events. I tried to connect...
    Kurt Staubli
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  • Maximum output current io pin

    Hello,   I have a question about the i.mx rt 1060. I cannot find the maximum current that an io pin can supply or sink. Also I cannot find the total maximum current. In which document can I find this.   Ki...
    Robbert-Jan de Jager
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  • I cannot debug with P&E multilink Universal FX into the iMXRT1020-EVK

    I cannot debug with P&E multilink Universal FX into the iMXRT1020-EVK I can debug with the openSDA implemented into the board but when I want to debug with the Multilink FX the message that I obtain is the follow...
    Gustavo Parlanti
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  • DSB macro usage in ENET_DriverIRQHandler()

    In ENET_DriverIRQHandler() the DSB fix for ARM errata 838869 appears twice in a row.   I have two questions:   1) Why is this Data Synchronisation Barrier required twice in succession ? ...
    Simon Walke
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  • How to generate ivt_flashloader.bin for IMXRT?

    I am trying to generate a custom flashloader using the flashloader example from the SDK.  This generates the full flashloader.bin.   I see in MfGTool and the docs that it uses the special ivt_flashloade...
    Jack King
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  • Issues found on "evkmimxrt1060_aws_device_configuration_enet" exmple project

    I followed the instructions stated on readme file of "evkmimxrt1060_aws_device_configuration_enet" example project to create AWS account, flash the image into i.MXRT1060 and load the Android appl into the Nexus phone....
    Kj Lee
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  • Has anybody used Timer Overflow Flag with the QTMR?

    Hi All,  I am convinced that the Timer Overflow flag (Bit 13 of TMRx_SCTRLn) does not work. I have configured my timer to count from 0x0000 to 0xffff, then overflow. I have set the Compare to 0x7fff so I can be...
    Chris Cowdery
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  • imxrt1064 camera csi565 example

    I am running the example code for imxrt1064 camera csi565 example. I am using the MT9M114 camera and wanted to use RGB888 instead of the RGB565 format in the example. I have changed the pixelFormat to RGB888...
    Xingsheng Wang
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  • iMXRT1052 and emWin: problems with D cache

    Hi,   I was trying to build a GUI using the emWin library on the iMXRT1052 microcontroller and I encountered a performance problem. As far as I know, the LCD and GUI buffers should be placed in a non-cacheable r...
    Krzysztof Chojnowski
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  • imxrt1050-evk not working due to short circuit

    i am powering the board through usb (J28). mcu is not booting. i can feel the U31 hot and it keep getting hotter. LED D16 glows for some time and go off.    how can i debug this? if remove the jumper J1 con...
    vinay manikkoth
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