• i.MX RT1050 FlexSPI XIP and Write to Flash

    There is an driver example project in the SDK flexspi_hyper_flash_polling_transfer that shows how to access the FlexSPI flash but only when running from RAM.  Is it possible to erase/write to a sector of the Flex...
    Bruce Barnes
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    Hello NXP, I am not able to find the purpose of the following signals on i.MX RT1060.   USB_OTG1_PWR USB_OTG1_OC USB_OTG1_VBUS   In the documentation, there is no reference either. Below is the only rele...
    Arpit Arora
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  • FLEXRAM Configuration code

    FlexRAM  Configuration    Hi  I'm having problem to configure the FlexRAM in MIMXRT1021DAF5A, based on AN12077   I want to setup the following configuration    and in the sta...
    Gustavo Parlanti
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  • How to write and read from qspi flash ?

    Hello, I am new to NXP products. I am using MIMXRT1062DVL6A development board.    The board has the qspi flash built into it. And I am able to boot from the flash.  And inside my linker fil...
    Baasanjav Jargalsaikhan
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  • RT1050 - Debugging with QSPI flash on secondary pinmux

    TL;DR - We can't seem to download and debug an RT1050 program image to a board that has a QSPI flash attached to the secondary FlexSPI pinmux location.   We've constructed a custom board based on the RT1050 (MIM...
    David Rodgers
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  • USB Audio device class (i.MXRT1050) doesn't work on Windows 10

    Hi,   The USB Audio device class example (usb speaker) for the i.MXRT1050 doesn't work on Windows 10. it plays for 0.5sec then stops. Any chance we can see an update soon? Preferably incl. UAC2.0.   ...
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  • IMXRT1062 Hardfault Reading CAN3 ERFCR Register

    According to the 1060RM setting the ERFCR will enable the Enhanced FIFO.  However when I try to even read the register in the FLEXCAN  example it throws a hard fault.  When I tried it in my own applicat...
    Michael Smorto
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  • Bug in "fsl_flexcan.c" / wrong treatment of the 'FDRATE'-bit

    Greetings all, Just about to get my feet wet with CAN FD in an RT1064, and had a first look at what was provided by NXP. I think there's a bug in the treatment of the 'FDRATE'-bit (31) in register 'FDCTRL', module "...
    Wolfgang Buescher
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  • Can the Data Co-Processor be used as an encryption engine for the external SDRAM?

    Hi,   The current system I am working on, using the i.mx RT 1020 chip, should ideally run the application code from the external SDRAM. I've already set up an example bootloader that simply copies the applicatio...
    Henrique Nogueira
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  • RT1052 jump to application

    Hi,   For RT1052 boot on flexspi nor flash, I locate one user application's start address at 0x60000000, and locate another user application's start address at 0x60020000. I want to let 1st applicatio...
    br li
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  • Problem with SDRAM

    Hi   We have a problem with the SDRAM on our development board with an i.MXRT1062 MCU and an IS42S16160J SDRAM from ISSI that I cannot figure out. The problem is that data written to the SDRAM is written on 2 di...
    Lars Andersen
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  • Flashloader inside application

       Dear sirs, we're working with i.MX RT1060 EVK board and we're wondering about best practices for In-Application Programming. We can correctly use Sdphost and Blhost utility, accordin...
    Daniele Pagani
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  • Stuck on Enable USB Interrupts

    Hello,   I have the IMXRT1050 eval board with MIMXRT1052DVL6B and I wanted to set up a new project using the USB connector to create a virtual COM port, just like in the SDK example project. So I created a new ...
    Gianluca Panetta
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  • No demo jpeg file! with i.MX RT1050 sd_jpeg demo app

    Hello,   There is one customer wants to build a system using i.MX TRT1050 EVK with 1024 x 600 LCD panel, they follow the AN12302_i.MX RT eLCDIF RGB Mode Use Case to modify the "sd_jpeg" demo app from MCUXpresso...
    Daniel Chiu
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  • i.MXRT1064 EVK SD Card speed issue

    I'm using a GPIO pin and scope to time how long it takes to read a block of 4 sequential sectors from the microSD card on the MXRT1064 eval board. I'm used to seeing something on the order of 500 us or less on other p...
    Jamie Robertson
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  • Building Flashloader SDK Example

        Dear sirs, we're trying to building Flashloader SDk Example. We're using: MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.0 [Build 2516] [2019-06-05] SDK 2.6.2 EVK-MIMXRT1060 MIMXRT1060-EVK board According to RT 1020 F...
    Daniele Pagani
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  • x bar connection for input capture module in imxrt

    Currently i want to perform the input capture operation hence i want to connect the XBAR. please let me how to connect the xbar for input capture  
    senthilnathan nagarajan
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  • i.MXRT LPSPI Glitching High-Active Chip Select

    I'm using the NXP LPSPI Sample Code.   It is the same as the code found here:   mbed-os/fsl_lpspi.c at master · ARMmbed/mbed-os · GitHub    The problem happens when an LPSPI channel is...
    created by TomE
  • RT1050 LPSPI last bit not completing in continuous mode

    TL;DR - On the RT1050 LPSPI peripheral, when continuous mode is active (TCR.CONT == 1), the last SCK edge of a transfer does not complete, which means the last byte does not arrive in the RX FIFO, which means that whe...
    David Rodgers
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  • Question about creating bootable image for FlexSPINOR XIP for IMXRT1052 (again)

    I think I am missing something fundamental in the process of creating a bootable image using the elftosb utility.   I am getting confused on the right steps to use an .srec (s19) file directly from an MCUXpresso...
    Jack King
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