• Kernel Failed to start with verified boot

    Hi All,   I followed the steps from doc/uImage.FIT/beaglebone_vboot.txt · master · U-Boot / U-Boot · GitLab  to configure verified boot feature into u-boot. After flashing the verified u-bo...
    Nidheesh Kumar K
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  • IMX6D, Linux kernel memory setup

    Hello. We develop custom board based on IMX6D + 2 LPDDR2 chips. Design based on Sabre board. I bring up U-Boot from Freescale's Yocto BSP and looks like memory chips is working fine. Next step was porting kernel to...
    Egor Rumjantsev
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  • Android9.0 IMx6q-sabresd board booting error

    Hi All,   As I followed NXP user guide document to prepare the setup for Android 9.0 using IMX6Q-SABRESD board. I downloaded source, compiled and created the images. Using SD-Card, I tried to flash and bring u...
    Thanaraj Subramani
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  • IMX

    Hi,I am new to imx processor if i want to create or edit BSP then from where i should start. please help
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  • Help to review schematics of IMX6ULL

    I have designed my schematics based on IMX.6ULL, there are some differneces from the EVM board on DDR and NAND flash, can you help to review the schematics, if any problems please let me know, tks. 
    Karl Deng
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  • linux-imx: how to apply my own defconfig ?

    Hello, I'm working on iMX6ULL and using linux-imx kernel on warrior branch. I'm unable to apply my own defconfig to this, I have my own layer with bbappend file and defconfig, added to SRC_URI, but no result :-( My...
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  • I.mx280 增加通訊模塊驅動

    目前開發的gateway 是用I.mx280的方案 1) 目前增加了一個通訊模塊是透過usb 接口接到gateway主板上 2) 為了支持模塊的驅動,在 kernel 會需要增加 char device 及 幾個 dynamic module  (ko) 3) 為了控制 模塊及驅動, 在 userspace 會增加 application 去操作 kernel 的驅動及 char device 目前我們透過 man...
    Remy Xu
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  • i.mx280 platform/Want to add an USB communication module

    Hi NXP,   We are working on a gateway with I.mx280 solution. 1) We try to add a communication module via USB interface. 2) In order to install the driver, Kernel needs to add cher device & dynamic module (ko)...
    Remy Xu
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  • Do Android BSP support Camera API2 FULL level for camera OV5640 on i.mx 6 SABRE SDP ?

    Do Android BSP support Camera API2 FULL level for camera OV5640 on i.mx 6 SABRE SDP ? If so, can you provide guideline to enable it?   Thanks. 
    Hsueh-Teng Liu
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  • Where can I modify the build thread on  i.MX Yocoto Project

    My computer will run the "make j 8" when use the bitbake build command. But it will cause my computer hung after build image.   Where can I modify the build thread on i.MX Yocoto Project ?   Best Reg...
    Sam Wu
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  • Audio framework security build ERROR about CST

    Hi Community,   My BSP is imx-4.14.78-1.0.0_ga.   I meet build ERROR after apply the meta-audio-framework-security patch as below ERROR message:   ERROR: imx-boot-0.2-r0 do_compile: Code-Si...
    Sam Wu
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  • I.MX6Q Mic. Recording Problem!!

    Good Day! My name is Jason Oh from Korea(South).   I have ported android 7.1.2 successfully to our custom  i.mx6q board. CPU       : i.MX6Q OS     &...
    Jason Oh
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  • i.mx8mmini 内核和文件系统烧录问题

    Hi,NXP工程师 你好!   我第一次用NXP i.mx soc,手上有一个i.mx8mmini板子,现在能将Linux BSP的pre-image用uuu uuu.auto烧录到emmc并启动。现在我自己移植和裁剪了kernel和rootfs,编译或制作生成了新的内核Image和rootfs.ext4,想请教问题下如何将我这新的内核Imaget和rootfs.ext4下载到emmc中并能启动,我看了一些资料没有找...
    Alex Li
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  • Yocto DISTRO Configuration for imx8mmevk

    Hi,   I am trying to generate core-image-base for imx8mmevk board. What is the yocto DISTRO configuration needs to be used imx8mmevk board ?  The  below part in the Yocto Project Users guide is confus...
    Vijay Kumar
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  • RTOS as guest os(domU) over Xen in iMX8QUADMAX

    Dear All,   I am successful in getting dom0 up over xen and also one of the guestOS  as domU. Both are a variant of linux image built on imx tree. However, now i was trying to boot RTOS binary as one of the...
    Sandesh Kenjana Ashok
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  • Android 8 Kernel Build Error

    Hi All,   i am compiling Android 8 for Boundary Devices Nitrogen 6 Max board, the libraries that i use for the compilation is, =======start of the libraries installed================== sudo apt-get install open...
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  • About i.MX7D DDR Controller Configuration Spreadsheet

    Hello,Community In order to perform LPDDR3 calibration from i.MX7d, I am editing the attached spreadsheet. I have two questions. (1) The max frequency is 533MHz. In that case, the READ Latency is 8, the Write Latenc...
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  • OPTEE-OS: xtes and optee_example_hello_world all crashed after booting

    xtes and optee_example_hello_world all crashed after booting, below are logs:   D/TC:0 0 add_phys_mem:576 TEE_SHMEM_START type NSEC_SHM 0x8fe00000 size 0x00200000 D/TC:0 0 add_phys_mem:576 TA_RAM_START type TA_RA...
    Jason Shao
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  • iMX6UL-EVK - How to boot from NOR Flash- QSPI?

    Hi, My name is Toan. Currently, I'm using i.MX6UL-EVK. I boot from SDcard successfully and do some project with it. And now I wanna boot from NOR Flash. Because I know that iMX6UL have 256Mbit QSPI Flash and I quite ...
    Dao Van Toan
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  • BSP (DTS) Editing on yocto

    Hello, at the moment I am at the stage of creating firmware for a device running and, imx7 using the e-ink screen. As reference boards there is a sabreboard from variscite(VAR-SOM-MX7 Evaluation Kits based on NXP i.MX...
    Sergay Latushev
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