• i.MX8M CCM Register Address

    Hi, I was going through the register address calculation for Clock Control Module and I had a query in the address calculation. In datasheet on pg no. 1011 in section the address calculation mentions the lett...
    Sahil Nayak
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  • IMX8MQ EVK Android services starting-dying loop

      evk_8mq:/ $ [ 5.195810] healthd: unable to get HAL interface, using defaults [ 5.203621] healthd: No battery devices found [ 5.211083] healthd: battery l=100 v=0 t=42.4 h=2 st=2 chg=a [ 9.540083] init: Service...
    Akhila karonnon
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  • iMX6 Android 8 won't flash properly on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

    Hello, all,   We are building a system based on the Sabre SD board with iMX6.  Up until recently, we were developing using Android 7.1.1; however, limitations in Android 7 moved us to try using Android 8. &...
    Eric Richards
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  • Error when build images for IMX8 by Yocto project

    Hi all,   When following instructions in i.MX Yocto Project User's Guide to try to build images for my MCIMX8M-EVK KIT, I got an error with building package "libpam". A part of building log is attached...
    Vu Tang
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  • how to use usdhc3 for Android auto_Ga_2.1.0  xen version

    I want to use usdhc3 for wifi sdio,i try to change dom0 dts to passthrough  usdhc3 for domU(android),as follow :   arch/arm64/boot/dts/freescale/fsl-imx8qm-mek-domu.dts:        ...
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  • imx6sx, kernel hangs at rootfs mount

    Hi all,   i am working on a 4.14.113 kernel, applying all patches from freescale linux-imx 4.14.78_1.0.0_ga_var01, working on a custom imx6sx board similar to sabresd.   I am experiencing a total kernel ha...
    Angelo Dureghello
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  • How to change the android8.1 root directory read-only to read and write

    I want to create some directories and files in the android8.1 root directory, but the properties are read-only. Do I need to modify those files to change the properties to be readable and writable?
    q gr
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  • Android9 GMS packages

    Hi Team:   I'm using android9 based on IMX8mq。How to add GMS packages for this case。   Thanks in advance!
    hong li
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  • Configuring mmdc io on imx6sll for self-refresh mode

    Hi All,   I'm trying to add self-refresh mode support for lpddr2 on imx6sll. I was able to establish an approximate list of "mmdc" registers, static const u32 imx6sll_mmdc_lpddr2_offset[] __initconst = {  ...
    Valentin Skoschuk
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  • MFG cannot work when changing nand flash

    I made Linux & uboot for i.mx6ull, and everything works well. When I changed the nand flash from ESMT to Micron, the MFG can not download the programs. So I think it is because of nand's driver. How to modify the...
    ansen an
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  • GPIO is not accssible from sysfs for IMX8

    Hi, I am working on IMX8dx - Yocto 1.3 or 1.6 I am new to the IMX8dx. We are trying to access the GPIO from userspace/ command line. 1. export 73 > /sys/class/gpio/export  : [  115.430117] export_sto...
    viswanath kondapalli
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  • DS90UB914A-Q1/913 camera capture image problem

    i am using DS90UB914A-Q1/913 camera to capture image i can receive 913 camera data and save those,but the image is green. like below: the 913 camera format is ccir601 8bit (UYVY),1280*720. the CSI0 Sensor Configu...
    lin ben
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  • i.MX8MQ LPDDR4 deep sleep mode

    Hi      I am debugging bottom current on my board, but find the 4GByte LPDDR4  is taking much current, around 70mA from NVCC_DRAM_1V1. Then I suspect my DDR4 does not enter deep sleep mo...
    Weide Ding
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  • RGMii Signal Spacing 1000b 125Mhz

    It is accepted that cross talk is generally reduced when S >3W or S>5W for aggressive lines as a rule of thumb. Are general constraints in regard to  RX/TX Data[3..0] trace spacing applicable to RGMii when...
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  • IM8XM-DDR-Tool

    Hello all:         The correction DDR is normal on the common board, but abnormal below appears on my own board correction          Press Download button and to appe...
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  • i.MX6S Lock up in VPU on resume from Deep Sleep

    I have a custom board based on i.MX6S that some times locks up when the system wake up from deep sleep. Using pr_info(), the lock up was traced to one line in vpu_resume(struct device *dev) function. Two pr_inf...
    Gennadiy Kiryukhin
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  • SDMA error in serial ports (sumo-4.14.78-1.0.0_ga)

    Hi, I have recently updated my distro version for being generated with Yocto Sumo instead of Yocto Rocko. After launching kernel  I begin receiving messages complaining about sdma in serial ports:   imx-sdm...
    Juan Alfonso Reyes
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  • Murata kit for IMX7ULP EVK

    I try having Murata 1MW module working on IMX7ULP EVK. But I cannot make it work. The problem is as follows: I would like to follow Murata datasheets for building Yocto for IMX7ULP EVK. The user guide is excellent....
    david cammeron
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  • Useful documents and threads of i.MX Processors

    The following document contains a list of document, questions and discussions that are relevant in the community based on amount of views. If you are having a problem, doubt or getting started in i.MX processors, you ...
    Erik Bustos
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  • iMX6UL USB Example Code Won't Run

    Hello,   We are developing software on the NXP i.MX 6UltraLite, ARM Cortex-A7 (MCIMX6G2CVM05AA) using IAR EW 8.32.4.  We need to develop software that will communicate via the USB port on the baseboard (NXP...
    Dennis Jelcic
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