• imx6q ro.sf.hwrotation issue (android 7.1)

    Hi, we support Portrait mode through  "set ro.sf.hwrotation 270 in init.rc" for our display/mechnical limit. But sometimes bootanimation become landscape mode  before launcher start. can you give some advice...
    jiu jin hong
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  • Spi slave receive word from previous transfer

    Hello, I have a problem with my spi slave driver. The master sends 10 words, and in my test application I want to receive only 8 of them. When I run my test application I receive the 8 words correctly. But when I run ...
    Erica Magari
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  • How to detect reset source in imx8qm

    Hi all,   Recently I needed to implement a function for our imx8qm board, which need to know the reset cause/reason/source. This function is required to be in uboot as well as kernel.   For this reason I ...
    mrigendra chaubey
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  • MX8MM won't enter fastboot mode

    Hello, I'm using MX8M Mini EVK with Android 9, under Windows 10. *ADB works* fine but I have a real trouble getting into fastboot mode.  I researched hard in all NXP docume...
    mike malgin
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  • IM8MQ using ECSPI with DMA in M4 Core.

    Hi,   I was wondering if there is any example or tutorial to show how to use DMA in M4 core. I need to transfer 16-bit data of length 16,000 in full duplex (send and receive simultaneously) at 32MHz, for this I...
    Sivaram SR
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  • CAAM HASH algorithm performance Question

    Dear NXP engineers:   G'Day. I am working on caam hash performance test on i.MX8 board. and there is weird result that sha1 performance is lower than sha256's. As far as i know, the computation of sha256 algo...
    Li Zhongyue
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  • Generating continuous frame clock on SAI interface of iMX8M

    Hi,   We are using SAI3 interface of iMX8M to connect to Audio transceiver. Audio transceiver has requirement of continuous Frame Sync clock (TXFS) on I2S interface. Can you please let us know how to get contin...
    Anirudha Chougule
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  • ERROR happened when I use mfgtool

    Hi community,    Mfgtool get stuck with the error "write error: No space left on device"  when I download a big image(about 200MB) to my customer board.I checked with command "df -h" and here is t...
    Azmat Liu
    created by Azmat Liu
  • GPU driver crash on i.MX8M-Mini with 4GB RAM

    Hello,   We're experiencing GPU driver (galcore) crash on our i.MX8M-Mini board with 4GB of RAM running latest NXP BSP 4.14.98-2.0.1. Restricting memory size to 3GB by passing mem=3G kernel command line paramete...
    Felix Radensky
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  • mfgtool vs MIMXRT1051CVL5B

    did someone verify Flashloader_RT1050_1.1 on MIMXRT1051CVL5B? it seems that after loading ivt_flashloader.bin, HID device lost, then stuck at "No Device Connected", see the script:   <LIST name...
    tom fang
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  • i.mx6 usb resume problem

    Hi all!   I am developing a USB HOST driver (using HOST1) for i.mx6solo. Currently, SUSPEND and RESUME have been confirmed, but there is a problem with RESUME. Please tell me if you know the cause. phenomenon:...
    masahiro morimune
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  • kernel panic when booting

    Hi all, I am getting this error when booting from my custom board based on imx6q. I have ported android image on my board. what could possibly be wrong. can someone please point me?   U-Boot 2017.03-imx_v2017.0...
    Asma Alekar
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  • Enabling UART3 for serial communication on i.MX8M Mini Evk

    I am using Android pie (android_p9.0.0_1.0.0-ga_image_8mmevk) on i.MX8M Mini EVK I want use UART for my Application development. As per document IMX8MMEVKHUG.pdf UART3 can be accessible from Expansion header(J1103) ...
    Abhijit Thorat
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  • IMX6ULL MAC does not receive

    Hello   I try to connect a PHY (KSZ8041NL) to my iMX6ULL (MCIMX6Y0). Actually i try to get a connection with U-Boot.   I have configured all neccessary Pins in my board file. I am able to send packets (s...
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  • The size of camera captured image is ALWAYS 8.39 MB

    Hi,   I have a problem on Android 8 and Android 9 and I would appreciate it if you could help me. When I capture a photo on nitrogen6x and nitrogen8m Boundary Devices boards with the camera in Android 8 or 9, Th...
    Amirhossein Sayyah
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  • imx6dl平台使用cs4344 codec

    内核版本3.14.52, 是否有成功案例在imx6dl的iis输出上直接接cs4344进行dac到耳机?   在低版本内核中发现cs4344代码,但在高版本内核中去掉了该芯片的驱动,在device tree中如何配置cs4344或可以参考哪个芯片进行配置? 
    luo yaojun
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  • i.MX8M Mini SAI3 UART2 RTS/CTS configuration

    It seems that the SAI3 UART2 configuration is missing from the pins-imx8mm.h file in the dt-bindings. Can you please take a look at the attached patch and confirm that it should work?
    John Weber
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  • Using DMA in imx6ul SPI client driver

    According to this link, it seems that DMA support can be enabled by setting "dma-names" in dts. Also referring to this thread and checking it, the DMA related driver code is also integrated in spi-imx.c. ...
    Chin You Wen
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  • Does i.mx8m mini support high-bandwidth isochronous transfer?

    Hi, I use i.mx8m mini to be a UVC device,but only get 15fps when send 640*400@yuyv,i want to know if i.mx8msupport high-bandwidth isochronous transfer?or how can i enable bulk mode?   BR,
    ming liao
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  • i.MX8M CCM Register Address

    Hi, I was going through the register address calculation for Clock Control Module and I had a query in the address calculation. In datasheet on pg no. 1011 in section the address calculation mentions the lett...
    Sahil Nayak
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