• agl nxp 4.9.88-2.0.0 compile error

    $bitbake agl-demo-platform   ERROR: psplash-0.1+gitAUTOINC+2015f7073e-r15 do_package: QA Issue: psplash: Files/directories were installed but not shipped in any package: /lib/systemd/system/psplash-network.serv...
    guang zeng
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  • SARBE - iMXS6X-SDB: ethernet - Link is Down

    Hi Team, i am working on iMXS6X-SDB board with our custom linux kernel image version 3.14.28. I have some python reboot tests which gives the reboot command via ssh, waits for some time and this cycle repeats. &...
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  • RGMii Signal Spacing 1000b 125Mhz

    It is accepted that cross talk is generally reduced when S >3W or S>5W for aggressive lines as a rule of thumb. Are general constraints in regard to  RX/TX Data[3..0] trace spacing applicable to RGMii when...
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  • How to run CVE checker on yocto image for iM6SX

    Hi Guys We are using customized yocto linux kernel and running some C++ code for industrial application.   Where i can find CVE (Common Vulnurabilites and Exposures) tools to check for my custom-ed yocto i...
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  • iMX6S Sabre - Frequency stop was detected, probably due to a supply voltage drop

    Hi Guys I am running iMX6 Sabre board with latest yocto image running our C++ software on top of it. While testing, i understand that we are getting frequency stop messages on dmesg   Can you please go through...
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  • Broadcom BT is not working with android 8.0.

    Hi, I am trying to bring up Broadcom combo BT on IMX8 platform with android 8.0 image provided by NXP. I have pretty much done all the changes needed to integrate BT with imx8. But still the BT is crashing while com...
    Achyut Hegde
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  • vpu_suspend failure

    Hi all, I am testing suspend and resume functionality on imx6Q with android nougat. When i try suspending, module trying to go into suspend state and getting below issue and then resuming. dpm_run_callback(): vpu_su...
    susangrace rapaka
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  • AGL编译错误

    imx6q sdp开发套件,在ubuntu16.04环境下编译AGL代码,使用 $DISTRO=imx-agl-wayland MACHINE=imx6qpsabreauto source nxp-setup-agl.sh -b bld-agl$bitbake agl-demo-platform 命令,编译产生如下错误,还请帮忙帮忙看下,多谢 ./boost/smart_ptr/detail/atomic_count_sync.h...
    guang zeng
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  • Two Questions on Running Qt5 webengine on i.mx6q Linux

    Two Questions on Running Qt5 webengine on i.mx6q Linux The following is running chromium-browser. webgl  is ok   But there are two problems under Qt5 webengine: 1. The following is running qt-every...
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  • i.MX 6 Dual SCM discontinued

    Hi, We have been developing a product using i.MX6 Daul SCM (MSCMMX6DZDK08AB). Before using it in our design we confirmed that it will be available for a long period. And now suddenly the parts went "End of Life". How...
    Himanshu Sharma
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  • SCM

    Hello, We are using i.MX6 Dual SCM in our design, but Just now we figured out it is declared as EOL, also the supports links for SCM module on NXP website are no longer available, can you please let us know if ...
    Ashvin Geete
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  • Build KK4.4.3 Android image:V8MediaQueryList.h: No such file or directory

    Today, when i try to build android image for i.mx6q-sd board, and i follow Android_User's_Guide but i didn't patch android_KK4.4.3_2.0.0-ga_omxplayer_source.tar.gz and android_KK4.4.3_2.0.0-ga_wfdsink_source...
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  • Kernel hangs on stressing GPU in QWKS-SCM-IMX6DQ

    Hi, I am using Linux imx-4.1.15-2.0.0_ga release and Yocto Krogoth build. https://www.nxp.com/products/single-chip-modules/single-chip-module-i.mx-6d:SCM-i.MX6D?tab=Design_Tools_Tab   I am stressing the GPU by ...
    Bala Subramaniyam
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  • Yocto imx7d sabresd and AT8031 - Kernel lock/crash on fec_probe when writel or readl is used - Help!

    Hi All, As mentioned I have a Yocto based 4.1.44 kernel built for imx7d on a custom board. The only real difference to that of the evk is we're using an AT8031 on our board. The device tree has had a few adjustm...
    Edward Tyrrell
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  • imx28 BSP source code

    Hi, I am looking for i.MX28 source code. i could download via "https://www.freescale.com/webapp/Download?colCode=L2.6.35_10.12.01_source_bundle.tar.gz&prodCode=MCIMX28EVKJ&appType=..."  but this is not av...
    SKT고객 oh
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  • Bring up MIPI DSI display(LCD) on imx6q-sdp

    Hi,   I am new to this. I want to connect MIPI DSI display from tianma to imx6q-sdp through a Toshiba TC358779XBG HDMI to MIPI converter. I have added below changes to my android oreo source. * Changed...
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  • I.MX6DQRM parallel display DI0_DISP_CLK signal level

    Dear ALL I test I.MX6DQRM Parallel Display in sabre board. I have a problem in parallel display interface clock level. DI0_DISP_CLK' hw signal level is just 0.8V, it has DC offset about 1.3V. Almost every output s...
    younggeun kim
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  • gst-launch pipeline VIDIOC_DQBUF failed, but yavta and mxc_v4l2_capture.out working.

    Hi Team,   I have been working with ov10635 image sensor and created a v4l2 capture driver inside linux. With current setup, I can able to capture frames from image sensor as yavta and mxc-v4l2-capture.out is wo...
    Nayan Patel
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  • Booting with nfs failed, unable to mount server

    Hello,   I try to boot my imx6-target with the barebox-bootloader from network via tftp and nfs. But I cannot load the root filesystem, see excerpt from bootlog:   NFS: MNTPATH: '/home/roland/CID_SW/fsroo...
    Roland Ender
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  • On the Android audio driver

    Hi community:   Android versions: Android M linux kernel: 4.1.15 Audio codec chip: tlv320aic3016 My question: my machine boot display: ALSA device list: #0: HOLDMC-tlv320aic3106 what's more,tinycap,tinyplay c...
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