• I2C deadlock imx6 imx8

    Hi,All I used the board customized by imx8mq and developed the code from imx8mq_evk.Encountered a problem: reboot when the i2c SDA pulled down after failed to restore the i2c lethal lock. I observed the board of imx8m...
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  • How to add custom system service to AOSP

    Hi Sir,   I am new to iMX and Android AOSP world and studying the Android System. I am using iMX8m mini board and i am able to download and build AOSP for Android 9 for this board.  Now i want to add simp...
    Maneesh Singh
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  • IMX sdma-imx7d.bin licensing issue

    Hi there,   is it possible to load the sdma-imx7d.bin firmware binary from userspace /lib/firmware... I don"t want to put it in the Kernel in perspective of not violating gplv2 terms with including it in the Ke...
    Christoph Freiberger
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  • Shared QSPI on i.Mx7-ULP

    Hello NXP team,   I had a question regarding the shared access to the QSPI memory on i.Mx7-ULP platform.   For this architecture, QSPI is used to store the M4 firmware that is loaded at startup. The QSPI ...
    Quentin Cabrol
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  • imx7ulp LPDDR3 clock frequency

    I have an imx7ulpevk board, and I would like to try if I can use other DRAMs. Currently I can boot up with Linux but the system seems not very stable, I would like to slow down the DRAM frequency for debug but I don't...
    Ka-Yi Yeh
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  • imx6q udhcpc 获取IP问题

    使用imx6q与4G模组(AG35)做上网功能。硬件连接方式为SGMII。AG35配置后,电脑直连可以正常获取IP和上网。 imx6q与路由器网线直连也可以正常获取IP和上网。 同时,imx6q使用4.1.15(官网)的内核和文件系统,直连AG35,udhcpc命令也是可以正常获取IP和上网。 但是,imx6q使用4.9.88的内核和文件系统,直连AG35,udhcpc命令却不能获取IP。 从使用4.1.15版本来看,硬件...
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  • imx8 fastboot and UUU tools

    I used imx8mq, android 9.0.In the uboot, I use fastboot 0 to enter the fastboot mode, and I can use the UUU tool to download the firmware.However, in the Windows CMD environment, using fastboot devices does not see an...
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  • 4.9.88版本内核yocto 生成的rootfs下usr/include为空

    大神们,好, 以前编译4.1.15的版本内核,生成的rootfs下usr/include都有相关头文件。 但是最近在Ubuntu下编译4.9.88版本内核yocto 生成的rootfs下usr/include为空。 看bb文件也没看到啥差异。 但是在 /home/ubuntu/imx-yocto-bsp/build/tmp/work/imx6qsabresd-poky-linux-gnueabi/core-image-minim...
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  • imx7ulpevk got stuck after u-boot

    Hi, there I tried to use an iMX7ULPEVK board, change it to some other DRAM vendor's DRAM, then boot up with Linux kernel. The DRAM is a 4Gb LPDDR3 (512MB) , with 8 banks, 14 row addresses, 10 column address, x32 dat...
    Ka-Yi Yeh
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  • run an executable and script during Android bootup

    Hi Sir,   I am using iMX8M EVK with Android 9.0 running on it. I downloaded and build the AOSP 9.0 for iMX8M and now using it with my EVK board.    I have created a executable and After Android boots ...
    Maneesh Singh
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  • VIH/VIL for i.MX8M GPIO

    Dear all,   Product data sheets such as i.MX6 and i.MX8X have the following note regarding VIH / VIL.   *This is an excerpt from i.MX8X datasheet(https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/data-sheet/IMX8QXPAEC.pdf...
    George Fukutomi
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  • I.MX8MMini Platform Device Driver to Access the address of GPIO and do a register read and register write operation

    Hi,   Can any one help me with an I.MX8MMini example code of Platform Device Driver to Access the physical address of GPIO register and do a register read and register write operation   Regards Santhosh ...
    Santhosh Kumar
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  •     Videos are unable to play on Android Lollipop for i.MX6Q.

    Hi, I have downloaded android lollipop "version 5" for i.MX6Q for Phytec Mira Board. I connected to ethernet and i was able to browse the net But unable to play the video from online websites like youtube,cricbuzz...
    Vasu Sriram
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  • Wi-Fi & BT support on MCIMX7ULP-EVK (Android BSP)

    Hi,   I have installed Android P9.0.0_2.2.0 BSP from NXP [Link] onto my MCIMX7ULP-EVK board.   When I try to enable Wi-Fi using the Android UI (Settings -> Network & Internet), the slide-b...
    Adwait Patil
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  • PCIe: Virtual channels

    Hey all,   I need to know which NXP MCUs/MPUs supports more then one Virtual Channel (VC) for PCIe.   I need to realize isochronous data transfers over PCIe.   Thanks in advance!
    Julian Dietrich
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  • How to enable A7 LDO?

    Hi, I am using i.MX7ULP now and I want to enable A7 LDO. I got some clues in of IMX7ULPRMV2_RevC.pdf. However, I don't know how to modify the parameter (please refer to the following image) of eF...
    Stanley Yeh
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  • How to use nusensor from AOSP to test sensor HAL

    Hi Sir, I am using iMX8M Mini EVK and Android 9 AOSP Framework. I am successfully able to build the AOSP for my board and its running fine.    Now i want to connect DHT 11 sensor to this board at GPIO and...
    Maneesh Singh
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  • agl nxp 4.9.88-2.0.0 compile error

    $bitbake agl-demo-platform   ERROR: psplash-0.1+gitAUTOINC+2015f7073e-r15 do_package: QA Issue: psplash: Files/directories were installed but not shipped in any package: /lib/systemd/system/psplash-network.serv...
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  • i.MX7 Evaluation - Known Working Configuration for Android

    Hello,   I wanted to evaluate Android on the i.MX7Dual Sabre evaluation board and it's LCD panel (LCD8000-43T).   Is there a know software configuration (Android demo release) that works out the ...
    Adwait Patil
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  • Using ESAI1 Interface to connect I2S from another board as an ALSA card in iMX8QMMEK

    I am trying to initialize ESAI1 interface on iMX8QMMEK so that it reads I2S from another board. Our custom board has the following wiring:                 ...
    Mustafa Ozcelikors
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