• Help to decipher capacitor and inductor in schematic smd(pico-imx7d SOM)

    hI,     I need to know the name of this capacitors (on the L5 inductor side). My question (as schematic of the PMIC in the link below) is that in the U4B pmic figure there are 4.7U/10V/X5R-C2 and 0.1...
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  • Pins Tool for i.MX Application Processors V2 is available!

    A new version of the Pins Tool for i.MX Application Processors has been released and is available for download as desktop tool from Pins Tool for i.MX Application Processors|NXP.   The pins Tool for i.MX Applica...
    Erich Styger
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  • Patch to fix WM8960 audio codec "no sound" issue on i.MX platform

    Issue Description  When WM8960 is working as master mode and target sample rate is 44100Hz or 48000Hz, it's found no sound can be heard on some i.MX boards. Impact Software Baseline: Linux 4.1.15_2.0.0 release ...
    Lily Zhang
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  • Are the following camera options feasible?

    Are the following camera options feasible? In this scheme, the sensor signal is transmitted to the Mipi CSI interface of imx8qm through one lane LVDS of data, one lane LVDS of clock and one lane LVDS...
    qing peng
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  • Enhance cryptodev and its engine in OpenSSL by CAAM's public key cryptography operations

        OpenSSL is popular software library for applications that secure communications over computer networks against eavesdropping or need to identify the party at the other end. It is widely used in internet ...
    Xiaodong Zhang
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  • imx7, runaway loop modprobe binfmt-464c

    Dear NXP community,   I am trying to bring up a Yocto build on a custom i.MXD board which uses NAND flash. I am using yocto build from fsl-community-bsp (Morty), MACHINE=imx7dsabresd (modified). Here is part of ...
    Carlos Bejar-Colonia
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  • which instruction set shall I use for Cortex-a7

    Dear all, We are using i.mx6ultralite processor module in our project. A yocto build system was used to build linux image. By setting ARM_INSTRUCTION_SET, I can decide which instruction set to be used during compilat...
    Pan Li
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  • generate DEK blob from user space command line?

    Trying to use encrypted secure boot. All works, but I want to be able to generate a DEK blob while sitting at the Linux command prompt on the device itself. I understand that I am able to burn fuses and lock the proce...
    Colby Conklin
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  • 想问问Linux4.1.15下SPI的MOSI管脚默认低电平怎么设置

    我在用IMX6DL的核心板,系统用linux 4.1.15,我用了SPI功能,想问问,如果我想  SPI的  MOSI 管脚默认低电平 我怎么设置。
    Dong Jing
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  • IMX8MM :   How to remount the ov5640 driver

    Hi,  I am using the custom hardware and i am facing a problem when the processor is booting it tries to check for the camera data but the camera bridge ic configuration happens after the board has booted up, sin...
    Santhosh Kumar
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  • IMX6 UART Receive Continuous 0xFF

    Hi,   We have been tracking an issue with an iMX6S processor using a Windows Embedded Compact 7 BSP where the UART gets into a state where it continuously receives 0xFF even with no activity on the line. Once tr...
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  • Mechanism of VSelect

    Hello,   Currently I'm using the IMX8MMini EVK board, but I think the other lines have the same mechanism 1. Has anyone explained me the mechanism of action of Vselect? How to detect 1.8V or 3.3V memory card wit...
    yuh ah
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  • Explenation for HS-SETTLE  parameter in MIPI CSI D-PHY registers

    Hello,   I am currently working on modifying the OV5640 mipi driver so it can work for our custom camera sensor on the SABRE board. In the device tree of the sabre board there is the following configur...
    Robrecht Bisschop
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  • IMX7 VideoCapture OpenCV

    Hi,   i try to read a Video with openCV. This is the relevant Code: #include <stdio.h> #include <opencv2/core/core.hpp> #include <opencv2/highgui/highgui.hpp> #include <iostream> #inclu...
  • How to start linux after enabeling RPMsg in Devicetree

    Hi there   I have got an iMX7s on custom board with 512MB Ram. I successfully run the hello_world example and now I am trying to get the pingpong example to work. On the M4 side there are no problems. I can boot...
    Erik Friedel
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  • 快速,简便地设置i.MX评估板,以通过USB对i.MX板进行编程

    [中文翻译版] 见附件   原文链接: Quick and dirty setup of an i.MX evaluation board to program an i.MX board thru USB 
    Leo Lin
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  • UUU support in docker container?

    I'm using uuu to flash to imx boards, like uuu -m 1:3 -b sd /tmp/uboot   It works fine when I execute in linux host, but if I run it in any docker container, it just hang.   The docker command I used is: &...
    cnspring 2002
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  • Layout Design Guide Line for LPDDR4 on i.MX8QX

    Hello, Now, we are designing our evaluation board circuit using iMX8QX. So we want to know the following specification for LPDDR4 Layout Design Guide Line. 1.Line Length Difference (Differential Pair P/N, CK/DQS) ...
    Yoshihiro Tanno
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  • SAI1 MCLK on iMX7

    Hello, I have a setup where iMX7 must act as a master on an I2S link. When using aplay everything seems to work properly. Using the oscilloscope I can see that bitclock works correctly and data are sent. However the ...
    Jean-Baptiste MARIE
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  • Cannot have working SAI on iMX7D

    Hello,    I am trying to configure SAI1 of the iMX7 to be used with an external codec.   Interesting part of my device tree is shown below: sound { compatible = "simple-audio-card"; status = "okay...
    Jean-Baptiste MARIE
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