• How to enable MINI-PCIe slot support

    Hi all,   We use IMX6SLEVK. Linux Host driver built with fsl-community-bsp. Distro is framebuffer. We want to use PCIe slot and tried different PCI slot in kernel configuration combinations. lspci is not showin...
  • How to enable screen time out while a qt app is running on imx6slevk?

    I'm using an imx6slevk board with yocto BSP I use linuxfb as the display driver and run a qt app (rastor window: prints a message on the lcd console) I observed that when the app is running the screen doesn't timeou...
    Sujay S
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  • I2C deadlock imx6 imx8

    Hi,All I used the board customized by imx8mq and developed the code from imx8mq_evk.Encountered a problem: reboot when the i2c SDA pulled down after failed to restore the i2c lethal lock. I observed the board of imx8m...
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  • How to add custom system service to AOSP

    Hi Sir,   I am new to iMX and Android AOSP world and studying the Android System. I am using iMX8m mini board and i am able to download and build AOSP for Android 9 for this board.  Now i want to add simp...
    Maneesh Singh
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  • i.MX6 GStreamer-imx Plugins - Tutorial & Example Pipelines

    The Freescale i.MX6 has many video capabilities that are best accessed through GStreamer.   Gateworks, the leading supplier of Powerful ARM based Single Board Computer solutions using the Freescale i.MX6, has in...
    Ryan Erb
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  • Why Imx6q  ethernet is too slow?

    Hello  Everyone   I have tried several methods to test the ethernet communication of the Imx6 card.   1) When I ping in my computer from IMX6, the ping does not reach the IMX6. But when I ping to imx6...
    Muhammet Emin ŞAHİN
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  • How to make .bin from .elf

    Hi all,   I want to try DDR Stress test via JTAG interface with i.MX6SL. According to the following link, user use elf file which is in ddr_stress_tester_jtag_vX.xx.zip and makes use of *.bin file output. ...
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  • SABRE Board Power-Up Sequence

    Hi dear all. I am going to design a custom board base on i.Mx6Q processor. I choose "SABRE Board for Smart Devices Based" as my reference design. I have checked the Power supply page (Page19) , PMIC part number that ...
    saeid fallah
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  • imx6q udhcpc 获取IP问题

    使用imx6q与4G模组(AG35)做上网功能。硬件连接方式为SGMII。AG35配置后,电脑直连可以正常获取IP和上网。 imx6q与路由器网线直连也可以正常获取IP和上网。 同时,imx6q使用4.1.15(官网)的内核和文件系统,直连AG35,udhcpc命令也是可以正常获取IP和上网。 但是,imx6q使用4.9.88的内核和文件系统,直连AG35,udhcpc命令却不能获取IP。 从使用4.1.15版本来看,硬件...
    一笑 独孤
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  • imx8 fastboot and UUU tools

    I used imx8mq, android 9.0.In the uboot, I use fastboot 0 to enter the fastboot mode, and I can use the UUU tool to download the firmware.However, in the Windows CMD environment, using fastboot devices does not see an...
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  • Can i.MX6SL enable spread spectrum ?

    Hi all,   My customer is using i.MX6SL and want to enable spread spectrum due to reducing noise. According to the reference manual for i.MX6DL/S, it have register to enable the spread spectrum. On th...
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  • 4.9.88版本内核yocto 生成的rootfs下usr/include为空

    大神们,好, 以前编译4.1.15的版本内核,生成的rootfs下usr/include都有相关头文件。 但是最近在Ubuntu下编译4.9.88版本内核yocto 生成的rootfs下usr/include为空。 看bb文件也没看到啥差异。 但是在 /home/ubuntu/imx-yocto-bsp/build/tmp/work/imx6qsabresd-poky-linux-gnueabi/core-image-minim...
    一笑 独孤
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  • Quick and dirty setup of an i.MX evaluation board to program an i.MX board thru USB

    i.MX evaluation board can be a simple solution to program i.MX boards in a factory for instance. i.MX evaluation board are not for industrial usage, but you can find plenty of cheap i.MX insdustrial boards on the web...
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  • v4l2 capture: slave not found

    I am developing a driver for our custom in house sensor. The sensor only supports grayscale color formatting and I somehow managed to get CSI port start pumping data into /dev/video0. But the problem is when I try to...
    mert can ergun
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  • run an executable and script during Android bootup

    Hi Sir,   I am using iMX8M EVK with Android 9.0 running on it. I downloaded and build the AOSP 9.0 for iMX8M and now using it with my EVK board.    I have created a executable and After Android boots ...
    Maneesh Singh
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  • Use 3.3V PWM in i.MX6SL

    Hi all,   My customer's using i.MX6SL and we have questions about PWM.   Q1. They use HSIC_STROBE pad as a PWM2. According to the datasheet, the pad's power group is NVCC_1P25. https://www.nxp.com/docs/...
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  • VIH/VIL for i.MX8M GPIO

    Dear all,   Product data sheets such as i.MX6 and i.MX8X have the following note regarding VIH / VIL.   *This is an excerpt from i.MX8X datasheet(https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/data-sheet/IMX8QXPAEC.pdf...
    George Fukutomi
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  • mx6qsabreauto | Ubuntu installation

    Hi,  I am trying to install Ubuntu rootfs in my mx6qsabreauto target board. Referring this Installing Ubuntu Rootfs on NXP i.MX6 boards . Now I am able boot the target, in serial console and login as b...
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  • GPU Profiling with Vivante VDK Tools

    Hello, i need to profile the GPU on an IMX6 Board. For this i got the hint to use the Vivante VDK Tools. I build the BSP from the wiki.Wandboard.org      repo init -u https://github.com/Fre...
    Christian Hesse
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  • QtMediaplayer Qt-5.12.4 play movies physical memory leak

    Yocto-4.14.78 Kernel version: 4.14.78 Qt version: 5.12.4 We are using QtMeidiaPlayer to play movies, such as avi, mp4, mkv, h264 and so. It's about one hour after we start playing moveis, some log occurs as the fo...
    liqun wei
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