• Core Voltages Clarification

    Why does the Core voltage ( SOC and ARM voltage domain) are being changed in most revision of IMX6 application document. The latest revision of the document specifies the values as below for LDO enabled mode.   ...
    Sudar KB
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  • ESAI peripheral generating incorrect I2S frequencies

    I'm having trouble getting my ESAI peripheral to generate the right I2S clock frequencies on the SCK, BCK, and LRCK pins going to my codec.  The codec is a TI PCM1753 and it can only be a clock slave, so the ESAI...
    Remington Furman
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  • i.MX Power Profiling System: Instrumenting A Board

    Instrumenting A Board To instrument a board, the connection between the power supply and the target device needs to be broken, usually via a series resistor that's placed on the board. Sometimes the inductor needs to ...
    David G Dicarlo
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  • I2S 2-channel mems microphone

    Hello,   I have 2 I2S microphones (SPH0645LM4H) hooked up to an i.MX6 Solo.  These mic's transmit I2S audio data on either the low Frame Clock or the High Frame Clock of the I2S based on a select pin, i hav...
    Jarrod Cook
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  • Linux config options to support i.MX6Solo and i.MX6DualLite SoC

    I would like to strip down as much as possible my configuration file for a single Linux kernel image that will be used on boards with the two mentioned SoCs.   The main question is: Which SoC options are the ba...
    Michal Vokac
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  • i.MX Power Profiling System: Smart Current Sensor and Aggregator Shield

    NOTE: Always de-power the target board and the aggregator when plugging or unplugging smart sensors from the aggregator.   NOTE: See this link to instrument a board with a Smart Sensor.   Over...
    David G Dicarlo
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  • i.MX Power Profiling: Triple-range Smart Current Sensor

    NOTE: Always de-power the target board and the aggregator when plugging or unplugging smart sensors from the aggregator.   NOTE: See this link to instrument a board with a Smart Sensor.   This...
    David G Dicarlo
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  • iMX8M Mini Serial Port (UART 3)

    Hi Sir, I have iMX8M mini EVK and I am able to connect my iMX8M mini to my laptop via USB Micro B debug port of iMX8 Mini. and i am bale to see the console output in putty / minicom.   from the documents i came...
    Maneesh Singh
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  • iMX6-Dual Display with vivante and X11(xserver) only one is possible with acceleration, How to use another without acceleration ?

    Hi Community,   I am using imx6 with our custom board, and trying to use dual display (LVDS+HDMI). kernel version -4.1.15 X11(xserver) version-1.18.0 Vivante (Galcore) - 5.0.11   I know accelerated dual...
    Pankaj Suryawanshi
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  • IMX6SOLO HDMI无法显示问题

    hello everyone:       我在将linux 4.1.15移植到imx6solo得时候,发现一个很奇怪得问题,只要注册hdmi,内核就卡死在hdmi modelist这个地方,设备树配置如下 model = "Freescale i.MX6 RSC-940 board of INDUSTECH"; compatible = "fsl,imx6dl-sabresd","fsl,rs...
    LinJin MENG
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  • Output format of imx vpu decoder

    Hi,   I am using decode-example from libimxvpuapi package to decode h264 file. I am not sure about the output format of the decoder. Is it YUV420 or YUV422? If it is not YUV422, can we decode h264 file to prod...
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  • Patch to support uboot logo keep from uboot to kernel for NXP Linux and Android BSP (HDMI, LCD and LVDS)

    This patch made the display no interrupt from uboot to kernel to Android. The IPU and related hardware display interface will only be initialized once in Uboot, the kernel code will skip the IPU initialization.  ...
    Qiang Li - Mpu Se
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  • RGMii Signal Spacing 1000b 125Mhz

    It is accepted that cross talk is generally reduced when S >3W or S>5W for aggressive lines as a rule of thumb. Are general constraints in regard to  RX/TX Data[3..0] trace spacing applicable to RGMii when...
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  • i.MX6S Lock up in VPU on resume from Deep Sleep

    I have a custom board based on i.MX6S that some times locks up when the system wake up from deep sleep. Using pr_info(), the lock up was traced to one line in vpu_resume(struct device *dev) function. Two pr_inf...
    Gennadiy Kiryukhin
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  • Useful documents and threads of i.MX Processors

    The following document contains a list of document, questions and discussions that are relevant in the community based on amount of views. If you are having a problem, doubt or getting started in i.MX processors, you ...
    Erik Bustos
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  • IMX6Q Sabre Yocto build fail

    Hi everyone,   I try to build Yocto for IMX6Q Sabre based on distro fsl-imx-xwayland with one more additional layer from Laird Connectivity because I have one more module wifi from LAIRD:   GitHub - LairdC...
    Minh Nguyen
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  • How to handle the interrupt_uart interrupt on imx6 ?

    Hello,   I am using UART 3 on imx6 and I want to know when my first byte is being sent. At the moment, I'm polling the TXDC flag to know it but I want to do it with an interrupt.  The TCEN bit in UCR4, al...
    Florian Gaudon
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  • i.MX6: toggle pixel clock generation for parallel LCD

    Hello. I am using an i.MX6 Solo for an embedded device driving an LCD on the parallel RGB port. The device runs a Yocto-generated Linux distribution based on Linux kernel 3.10.17.   Here is the display configura...
    Moris Ravasio
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  • How to run CVE checker on yocto image for iM6SX

    Hi Guys We are using customized yocto linux kernel and running some C++ code for industrial application.   Where i can find CVE (Common Vulnurabilites and Exposures) tools to check for my custom-ed yocto i...
    Pranav Mondhe
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  • i.MX6 GStreamer-imx Plugins - Tutorial & Example Pipelines

    The Freescale i.MX6 has many video capabilities that are best accessed through GStreamer.   Gateworks, the leading supplier of Powerful ARM based Single Board Computer solutions using the Freescale i.MX6, has in...
    Ryan Erb
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