• RGMii Signal Spacing 1000b 125Mhz

    It is accepted that cross talk is generally reduced when S >3W or S>5W for aggressive lines as a rule of thumb. Are general constraints in regard to  RX/TX Data[3..0] trace spacing applicable to RGMii when...
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  • Useful documents and threads of i.MX Processors

    The following document contains a list of document, questions and discussions that are relevant in the community based on amount of views. If you are having a problem, doubt or getting started in i.MX processors, you ...
    Erik Bustos
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  • How to run CVE checker on yocto image for iM6SX

    Hi Guys We are using customized yocto linux kernel and running some C++ code for industrial application.   Where i can find CVE (Common Vulnurabilites and Exposures) tools to check for my custom-ed yocto i...
    Pranav Mondhe
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  • iMX6S Sabre - Frequency stop was detected, probably due to a supply voltage drop

    Hi Guys I am running iMX6 Sabre board with latest yocto image running our C++ software on top of it. While testing, i understand that we are getting frequency stop messages on dmesg   Can you please go through...
    Pranav Mondhe
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  • SARBE - iMXS6X-SDB: ethernet - Link is Down

    Hi Team, i am working on iMXS6X-SDB board with our custom linux kernel image version 3.14.28. I have some python reboot tests which gives the reboot command via ssh, waits for some time and this cycle repeats. &...
    Pranav Mondhe
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  • Initialization of iMX8M ECSPI2 TPM 2.0 device Infineon SLB9670 failed when running TPM self test

    Hi,   I am trying to enable a TPM 2.0 device (Infineon SLB9670XQ2.0)  which is connected to the ECSPI2 bus of an IMX8MQ processor, and when booting up the target board, I encountered an issue that the initi...
    Alex Soo
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  • my touch device rebooting continuously i think it is in a boot loop could any one please help me

    ============================= Booting from root partition 1 =============================   ============================ Booting from app partition 1 ============================   ==================...
    Subramani TK
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  • i.MX JTAG hot plug with no reset

    When you do long test (days or weeks) test on i.MX board and your test fails, you often wants to know what has happen with a JTAG probe. The problem is when you have 50 boards running in parallel, you don't have the ...
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  • Dual display LCD and HDMI

    hi everyone   i'm using Linux Yocto 4.1.15 with imx6q sabresd sample board.  start kit after that i want to show camera to dual display to LCD and HDMI same time.  how to way setting, can you te...
    vo son
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  • Unit-Test source code location?

    Hello, I am looking for the unit test source code for mxc_epdc_x11_fb_test.out on the IMX 50 I found code for a similar unit test here: i.MX6SoloLite Evaluation Kit and EPDC testing After using 'find' in my entire f...
    Dave Cashin
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  • PCIe: Virtual channels

    Hey all,   I need to know which NXP MCUs/MPUs supports more then one Virtual Channel (VC) for PCIe.   I need to realize isochronous data transfers over PCIe.   Thanks in advance!
    Julian Dietrich
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  • How to enable the drivers of camera module in imx-warp7

    Hi,       I have problem with enabling the drivers of the camera module. I have configured the menuconfig according to the attached document what they have explained and I have enabled the MX...
    vinod hulagabali
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  • 2.2 inch tft spi interface, low spi throughput

    Hi, We are trying to interface 2.2 inch 320x240 tft screen via spi on imx6q(pico-pi-imx6). we are able to display video on the screen but we got 5 fps and ~1000KB/s throughput even at 30, 60 MHz spi clks. During the ...
    caglar abidin
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  • Generate image with Yocto -> u-boot.imx not found in u-boot-imx recipe for imx51evk image

    Hello.   I am trying to create an image of MfsTool to imx51evk.   First I installed the meta-fsl-arm layer from http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/meta-fsl-arm/. (Version 1.7)   Then, run hob ...
    Toni M
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  • i.MX Linux FEC Driver Drops IPV6 Multicasts & Promiscuous Setting

    This applies at least to the i.MX28 and i.MX53. It may apply to the i.MX6 chips as well.   Our products have to use IPV6. The IPV6 Neighbour Discovery requires Ethernet Multicasting to work. Multicasting has bee...
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  • IMX512 Flash

    Hi ,   I am trying to flash my MCIMX512CJM6C in advanced toolkit through usb port in mode HAB But i am getting an error "No usb detected"   I have made usb type a connection as below USB Pin 1- ...
    Arunprasath Jayachandran
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    Hello, in continuity to my previous question: https://community.nxp.com/thread/490615, I am posting my code to see if anyone can help me. Note that in order to test I commented the while (1) {} that calls the screen i...
    Eliezer Oliveira
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  • How to add new overlays for fb0

    I use mx6q and linux3.14.52   By default fb1 is overlay of fb0, ButI want to add new overlay to fb0,then i can use 2 overlay to do displaycomplex graphics    root@dev:~# cat /sys/class/graphics/fb0/na...
    zeyong yang
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  • i.mx 5

    Together with CPU MCIMX515CJM6C we use a Power Management IC MC13892DJVL. What or which voltages are important for the NEON part of the CPU?     Mvh / Best Regards Urban Kullenberg Product Owner AGV Systems ...
    Urban Kullenberg
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  • Updating audio Codec for an old kernel

    Hello NXP community! Well I have been struggling with a project. The old audio codec (wm8753) for one of our products has gone EOL. The replacement for the codec is the wm8750. I was tasked with attempting to get it w...
    Robert Murch
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