• RGMii Signal Spacing 1000b 125Mhz

    It is accepted that cross talk is generally reduced when S >3W or S>5W for aggressive lines as a rule of thumb. Are general constraints in regard to  RX/TX Data[3..0] trace spacing applicable to RGMii when...
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  • Useful documents and threads of i.MX Processors

    The following document contains a list of document, questions and discussions that are relevant in the community based on amount of views. If you are having a problem, doubt or getting started in i.MX processors, you ...
    Erik Bustos
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  • Build an IMX yocto image

    Hi, I have a very specific board based on imx287 and I'm trying to build an image with yocto. I know how to use yocto basically (build an ixm28evk board 's image for instance) and how to build new layer,... but I'm ...
    aldo bj
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  • imx6ULL Custom Board booting from NAND flash

    Hi All, We hve a custom board based on the imx6ULL processor.  We are using u-boot and *not* a linux kernel, but an RTEMS kernel.  We have been using the JTAG interface to download and test the code.  ...
    Ian Caddy
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  • How to run CVE checker on yocto image for iM6SX

    Hi Guys We are using customized yocto linux kernel and running some C++ code for industrial application.   Where i can find CVE (Common Vulnurabilites and Exposures) tools to check for my custom-ed yocto i...
    Pranav Mondhe
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  • iMX6S Sabre - Frequency stop was detected, probably due to a supply voltage drop

    Hi Guys I am running iMX6 Sabre board with latest yocto image running our C++ software on top of it. While testing, i understand that we are getting frequency stop messages on dmesg   Can you please go through...
    Pranav Mondhe
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  • SARBE - iMXS6X-SDB: ethernet - Link is Down

    Hi Team, i am working on iMXS6X-SDB board with our custom linux kernel image version 3.14.28. I have some python reboot tests which gives the reboot command via ssh, waits for some time and this cycle repeats. &...
    Pranav Mondhe
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  • Disable MMU

    Hi, everyone, recently I tried to change physical memory address's value on my i.MX 28 EVK(with OpenWrt operating system) but kept failing. I found that their is a "MMU" in arm926ej-s so that value were not actually ...
    Jack XU
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  • imx28: issue sgtl5000 over i2c as one of slave

    Hi All, we are some i2c issue in multi-slave environment, Device : Freescale imx28 processor BSP: Linux kernel version my imx28 product have two i2c slaves, 1. sgtl5000 chip as a slave for audio play devi...
    shashikant h
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  • i.MX JTAG hot plug with no reset

    When you do long test (days or weeks) test on i.MX board and your test fails, you often wants to know what has happen with a JTAG probe. The problem is when you have 50 boards running in parallel, you don't have the ...
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  • i.MX28evk initramfs doesnt work.

    Hi all, I've built a kernel with support for initramfs in it but haven't linked the initramfs into the kernel. The kernel and initramfs are placed at their respective memory addresses and using u-boot iminfo command I...
    Amit Vitekar
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  • Loading custom kernel and u-boot over JTAG on imx28.

    My goal here is to load a custom kernel and initramfs into the memory of the wink hub 1 based on imx28 board and boot it using the bootm command from u-boot shell i.e. directly from the memory. I'm using Buildroot ...
    Amit Vitekar
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  • i.MX28: Enable initramfs step by step

    1. Prepare initramfs image   First of all, please follow the i.MX28 linux BSP user guide to build the LTIB once to make sure the u-boot, kernel, boot streams and rootfs are built successfully. Then run the foll...
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  • PL16 Software from Source Code

    Dear,   I download the "L2.6.35_MX28_SDK_10.12_SOURCE " file.   how to downlaod this? if you konw, please download link.   Ryan
    yun ryan
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  • Dual display LCD and HDMI

    hi everyone   i'm using Linux Yocto 4.1.15 with imx6q sabresd sample board.  start kit after that i want to show camera to dual display to LCD and HDMI same time.  how to way setting, can you te...
    vo son
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  • imx28 DMA is blocked

    when I want to transfer 4 bytes data to HW_LCDIF_DATA register. the command structure is set as follows: pVBufAdjVirtAddr->pNext = (mem_dma_cmd_t *)(nVBufAdjPhysAddr+sizeof(mem_dma_cmd_t)); pVBufAdjVirtAddr...
    xing liu
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  • imx28 DMA

    Does the DMA of imx28 support memory- to-memory transfer?I mean that transfer data block in DDR.  
    xing liu
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  • PCIe: Virtual channels

    Hey all,   I need to know which NXP MCUs/MPUs supports more then one Virtual Channel (VC) for PCIe.   I need to realize isochronous data transfers over PCIe.   Thanks in advance!
    Julian Dietrich
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  • RTC_PCF8563 time is not increasing properly

    Am working with PCF8563 here i am setting the date and time, Then am reading the same thing at every two seconds using some timer concept here for one to two hours the time is updating properly , after that the time i...
    Gomathi Chinnasamy
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  • Board halts at "HTLLC" after reset

    I'm running a Freescale iMX280 that, after upgrading the Linux kernel from 3.14 (Yocto Daisy) to 4.14 (Yocto Rocky), won't boot after resetting it manually in the terminal. When it's trying to boot, it prints HTLLC on...