• IMX8 Mini Bluetooth A2DP

    Hello,   I am using IMX8 Mini EVK and I try to play music using Bluetooth AD2P.   So far, I am able to pair and connect to my Bluetooth speaker.   Output of bluetoothctl: [BAM Headset 00013]# info 2...
    Elise Becam
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  • Correct IMX8 processor reference manual?

    I have downloaded the IMX8 processor reference manual in order to access some of the GPIO registers in a device driver. The document I used was this one: https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/reference-manual/IMX8DQXPRM.pdf&#...
    Jason Cole
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  • ATF compilation for imx8m mini

    Hi. Can you please provide the steps to compile ATF for imx8m mini? I tried with make PLAT=imx8mm SPD=opteed bl31 CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-linux-gnu- But then I only get the SPL prompt and it never reaches u-boot. I...
    Boris Shapiro
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  • i.MX8M mini 32bit kernel

    Hello,   I'd like to use the i.MX8M mini with a 32 bit kernel (no multilib), I want to compile the whole system for 32bit only as the Cortex-A53 is capable to run ARM7 or ARM8 instructions.   Is that suppo...
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  • Azure SDK on Yocto Thud IMX8M Mini

    Hi,   I am having a problem adding Azure iot SDK  Recipe meta-iot-cloud (OpenEmbedded Layer Index - meta-iot-cloud ) to my build (IMX8M Mini Yocto Thud). I am able to add the layer to my source directory, a...
    Dave Nugent
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  • GTK support IMX8MM

    Hello,   opencv_3.4.2.bbappend\opencv\recipes-graphics\meta-bsp\imx - meta-fsl-bsp-release - i.MX Yocto Project Release Layer    In the link above in line 18 the GTK support has been removed : PACKAGE...
    Jerry Naidoo
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  • Dual display on iMX8MQ EVK board

    Hello,   Release: Yocto-Sumo (4.14.78_1.0.0_GA) Board: i.MX8MQ EVK   I want to use the dual-display on i.MX8MQ EVK board and I have NXP OLED display which is used "fsl-imx8mq-evk-lcdif-rm67191.dts" or "fs...
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  • m4ctl for i.MX8M Mini

    There is an useful tool (m4ctl) for start/stop/deploy m4 from Linux but can't work on i.MX8M Mini. We know there is an application note (AN5317) about similar function for i.MX6SX/i.MX7 can refered but just seve...
    created by m.c
  • I.mx 8 Mini maximum RAM size?

    What is maximum RAM size SOC supports? I am planning to have 4 chips in 2 rank system? Is it 8 GB (4 pcs 16Gb 16bit modules)?
    Ivo Kamalis
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    Hi,NXP    I'm using imx8mq, and I wanted to use mipi-dsi to HDMI for display, but found that the mipi-dsi module could not be used during kernel setup because MXC_IPU must be available at ARCH_MXC inst...
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  • Every video we start in YouTube will pause once after approx. 5-7 sec. If we resume the video it will not pause again until we switch to a different video or exit YouTube.

    There appears to be playback issue with the NXP native video player. Some video will play for 6 seconds then stop. It’s happening on: Chimera software WebView Browser Tester Chrome apk (https://apkpure....
    Tico Chen
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  • imx8mini emmc efuse

    Hello, i want burn efuse on imx8mini for emmc boot, emmc connected exactly like EVK board (SD3 8 bit on NAND pins), can you tell me arguments of uboot like: fuse prog [-y] <bank> <word> <hexval> [&l...
    Pavel Ivanchenko
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  • imx8mq_m4_TCM_hello_world.bin with Thud

    Release: Yocto-Thud ( kernel 4.19.35 ) Board: i.MX8MQ EVK Hello, I am checking Thud release and I would test M4 example, but I have a problem. When I try to load imx8mq_m4_TCM_hello_world.bin in u-boot, I get this me...
    Francesco Giusti
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  • Can i get the imx8mq 'mscale DDR tool' source code ??

    hi All i am try to implement DDR Tools with my software. Did any have a imx8mq 'mscale DDR tool' source code ??   if not ,did any body know 'lpddr4_pmu_train_1d_dmem.bin' doing ?? and is it have a source...
    Hanson Chung
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  • iMX8M SAI Master Clock "Skipping"

    Hello,   I wrote a codec driver and modified the "fsl-asoc-card.c" driver to work with my system, which went surprisingly well. My system consists of the following: iMX8M SAI2 connected to a TLV320ADC3100 with...
    Krisztian Bakos
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  • I2C deadlock imx6 imx8

    Hi,All I used the board customized by imx8mq and developed the code from imx8mq_evk.Encountered a problem: reboot when the i2c SDA pulled down after failed to restore the i2c lethal lock. I observed the board of imx8m...
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  • UART0 to UART2 modification does not work with imx8qxp

    Hi, we are working on imx8qxp based reference design with yocto distro 4.14 sumo. Our yocto Linux image is working fine with that. we want to migrate yocto distro 4.14 sumo to 4.19 thud. We have taken the imx8q...
    Darshak Patel
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  • LVDS no image using sn65dsi84

    Hi ,  I have a problem about LVDS image. The processor is imx8mq and the version of BSP is 4.14.78. Panel did turn on back light, but no image. I need to check which some items?     Below is ...
    hank wang
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  • Bug-Fixes for FlexSPI

    We are using a SoM with an i.MX8M-Mini and tried to use the FlexSPI to communicate with an FPGA which simulates a flash memory using 1-1-4 or 1-4-4 transfer mode. To get that working we had to fix or extend the linux...
    Christoph Fink
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  • i.mx8mq with 4GB RAM boot error found for upper 32bits

    Hi, We want to customize the board based on i.mx8mq with LPDDR4 4GB but it failed to boot with 4GB configuration in u-boot. Here are the codes that we updated: In this header file: uboot-im...
    Ratha Lach
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