• RPMSG buffer not cleared after M4 firmware reload

    Hello, I am using rpmsg to communicate between a linux (A53) and a FreeRTOS (M4) on an imx8 through a rpsmg driver based on imx_rpmsg_tty.c. M4 implementation is based on example rpmsg_lite_str_echo_rtos_imxcm4 with ...
    olivier RIFF
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  • imx8mm 上使用wm8960 回放无声音

    您好!   请问imx8mm sai3上接wm8960 dts怎么配置?我的软件版本是imx-p9.0.0_2.3.0 linux是4.14.98  我目前的配置如下: wm8960: wm8960@1a {    compatible = "wlf,wm8960";    reg = <0x1a>;    c...
    wei xie
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  • wlan0 interface is not coming up for onboard wifi module with imx8 Nano evk

    Dear NXp, As i am not able to bringing up the wifi module that is connected on imx8 Nano evk board, running below commands to bring up the interface, included wifi-tools to my .bblayer. is there any other packages n...
    shilesh babu
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  • Plymouth implementation Issue

    Hi,   I have added Plymouth recipe in yocto build (BSP used is b2qt - zeus version) for i.MX 8M, to get an animated splash screen.   Plymouth recipe is added into Yocto by referring following lin...
    Ashok Soundararajan
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  • Ethernet Communication over longer cable length

    Hi NXP Team,   We are designing a product on i.MX8M Mini processor and Ethernet signals are used for VoIP calling and we have implemented Microchip PHY- KSZ9031.   We are trying to check the communication...
    Dhara Pillai
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  • Uart3's Rx pin is not working with imx8 Nano evk board

    Dear NXP, I am using uart3 for a serial communication, for testing i am connecting serial-usb converter to send some data from my laptop to Nano board uart for debugging propose only.   from the evk board side ...
    shilesh babu
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  • android10. build error '-Wshift-overflow=2'

    Lunch Target imx8mm ./imx_make.sh bootloader I get this error several time before the compile fails eventually. Hope someone has figure out a workaround.     make[1]: *** [Makefile:847: build/imx8mp/relea...
    suly goonetilleke
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  • i.MX8 MINI  weston

    Hi,   I am using the i.MX8MINI EVK board and encountered a memory leak. I developed a qt5 application, the system is linux+weston+qt5. After running for a period of time, the memory will be exhausted and canno...
    扬 杨
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  • i.MX 8M Mini, DDR memory map

    Hi,   In section 2.1.2 (A-53) and Section 2.1.3 (M-4) of the "i.MX 8M Mini Applications Processor Reference Manual" documents the chip memory map. I have a couple of questions:   1) Can you confirm ...
    Said Jazouly
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  • Failed to build Linux Kernel for i.MX8qxpmek

    Hi all:      I came across this issue while compiling a Linux kernel according to" i.MX_Porting_Guide". In file included from drivers/phy/ti/phy-omap-usb2.c:30:0: ./include/linux/phy/omap_control_...
    Sheng Zhang
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  • i.MX 8M Nano DDR Tool

    I am working with a custom designed board that utilizes either the i.MX 8M Mini or i.MX 8M Nano processor with LPDDR4 (x32 or x16 per processor support).  Our last build of boards included I-Temp rated processor ...
    Nathan Kro
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  • m4ctl for i.MX8M Mini

    There is an useful tool (m4ctl) for start/stop/deploy m4 from Linux but can't work on i.MX8M Mini. We know there is an application note (AN5317) about similar function for i.MX6SX/i.MX7 can refered but just seve...
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  • i.MX8M Mini without PCIE Error

    We have made a custom board around the i.MX8M Mini processor that is mainly a stripped down version of the EVK board. One of the things removed is anything attached to the PCIE pins, and they have been left unconnecte...
    Miles Matton
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  • IMX8MM: Loading m4 image along with Android

    Hi,   I am using a IMX8M mini EVK in my project. I am running android P9.0.0_2.3.1 on this. I followed the instructions from corresponding Android user guide document for the building and running the android ima...
    Srinivas K B
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  • MX8M GPIO Input_Val Setting conflict for i2c2

    Hello,   I am currently using yocto for the VAR-SOM-MX8M-MINI which uses the freescale imx8mm-var-som.dts file.  In this file, the I2C2 SDA and SCL signals are defined with an input_val of 0x400001c3.&...
    Matthew Mader
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  • Boot from SPI NOR on iMX 8M Mini

    I try to boot from SPI NOR connected to ECSPI2 interface on EVK board. I successfully prepared dtb file to activate spinor in Linux (5.4.24). After some patches in kernel module for CS0 (GPIO) I have working mtd devic...
    Miroslav Ondra
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  • imx8m Yocto Zeus:Cannot initialize MCP2517. Wrong wiring?

    Hi, We are working on MCP2517FD CAN interface bring up on our imx8m custom board. We are using yocto Zeus kernel 5.4.3 We have two ecspi in our custom board. This CAN controller is connected in ecspi2 of our custom...
    Antony Abee Prakash
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  • imx8mqevk, hardware acclerators for object detection

    Hi , We are using v4l2 mipi camera on imx8mqevk, its very slow to respond on the display. Since there are no g2d support for imx8mqevk to make it fast responsive,should we move to g3d APIs? can you please confirm o...
    Manivannan s
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  • Warping on video output: imx8qm

    Good morning,   I need to make the warping on the imx8x, for 2 video output. Looking by example in the document iMX8QM_RM_Rev_F.pdf for the imx8qm, I can see that some registers for managing the warping are men...
    lorenzo sarchi
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  • Is 2-lane eDP supported on IMX8M?

    Hi, everyone.   I am reviewing IMX8MD and IMX8MQ. I'm reviewing eDP and MIPI-DSI to use dual displays, but there's too little data on eDP. I would like to know if 2-lane eDP is supported in IMX8MD or IMX8...
    Youngjoo Kim
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