• GPU driver crash on i.MX8M-Mini with 4GB RAM

    Hello,   We're experiencing GPU driver (galcore) crash on our i.MX8M-Mini board with 4GB of RAM running latest NXP BSP 4.14.98-2.0.1. Restricting memory size to 3GB by passing mem=3G kernel command line paramete...
    Felix Radensky
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  • iMX8M Mini Serial Port (UART 3)

    Hi Sir, I have iMX8M mini EVK and I am able to connect my iMX8M mini to my laptop via USB Micro B debug port of iMX8 Mini. and i am bale to see the console output in putty / minicom.   from the documents i came...
    Maneesh Singh
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  • [i.MX6] Suspend/resume implementation for dw_hdmi-imx.c

    Hi, I am having imx6 Dual board with Linux Kernel 4.9 running on it. It is also connected to HDMI display. But, I see that suspend/resume implementation is missing from imx hdmi driver: drivers/gpu/drm/imx/dw_h...
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  • What is state of screen Mirroring of Qt Applications on LVDS and HDMI?

    hi dears, how is it possible to mirror qt app? i don't know which backend(x, xwayland, wayland, fbdev, drm, ...) support this feature and what build system (YOCTO and Buildroot) and which version does support this....
    mohsen zahraee
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  • i.MX6: toggle pixel clock generation for parallel LCD

    Hello. I am using an i.MX6 Solo for an embedded device driving an LCD on the parallel RGB port. The device runs a Yocto-generated Linux distribution based on Linux kernel 3.10.17.   Here is the display configura...
    Moris Ravasio
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  • i.MX6 CSI, BT.1120, 16-bit mode

    Hi,   I'm implementing support for camera input on i.MX6 using mainline Linux 4.3-ish .   I am using an AnalogDevices ADV7181D video encoder, which is connected to the i.MX6Q CSI by using 16bit bus and I h...
    Marek Vasut
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  • 800x480 HDMI support on iMX8MQ

    I have an 800x480 HDMI display but it doesn't work on the iMX8MQEVK. I get the following console output: [  221.421192] [drm] HDMI/DP Cable Plug In [  221.436809] i.mx8-hdp 32c00000.hdmi: 0,ff,ff,ff,ff,ff,f...
    Nico Coesel
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  • How to run CVE checker on yocto image for iM6SX

    Hi Guys We are using customized yocto linux kernel and running some C++ code for industrial application.   Where i can find CVE (Common Vulnurabilites and Exposures) tools to check for my custom-ed yocto i...
    Pranav Mondhe
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  • How use max9286 in the imx6q?

    Hi everyone,   I referenced the max9286 patches. iMX6DQ MAX9286 MIPI CSI2 720P camera surround view solution for Linux BSP   Then, I can find 4 devices (like /dev/video0, /dev/video1...) in the syste...
    Nian Jyun Yang
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  • i.MX6 GStreamer-imx Plugins - Tutorial & Example Pipelines

    The Freescale i.MX6 has many video capabilities that are best accessed through GStreamer.   Gateworks, the leading supplier of Powerful ARM based Single Board Computer solutions using the Freescale i.MX6, has in...
    Ryan Erb
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  • iMX6S Sabre - Frequency stop was detected, probably due to a supply voltage drop

    Hi Guys I am running iMX6 Sabre board with latest yocto image running our C++ software on top of it. While testing, i understand that we are getting frequency stop messages on dmesg   Can you please go through...
    Pranav Mondhe
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  • SARBE - iMXS6X-SDB: ethernet - Link is Down

    Hi Team, i am working on iMXS6X-SDB board with our custom linux kernel image version 3.14.28. I have some python reboot tests which gives the reboot command via ssh, waits for some time and this cycle repeats. &...
    Pranav Mondhe
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  • Default display orientation in Android 8

    Hi,   on an i.MX6 SabreSD based board using the Android O8.0.0 release I'm trying to change the default display orientation to portrait mode.   Up until Android 7.1.2 this could be done setting ro.sf.hwrot...
    Thomas Elste
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  • i.MX 8M Mini EVK & MIPI-DSI OLED Display

    Hi Sir,   I have recently purchased the NXP iMX8M Mini EVK and MIPI-DSI OLED display but I am unable to get the panel to display anything. I even followed the steps given in - AN12189.pdf (Quick Start Guide for M...
    Maneesh Singh
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  • i.MX8 Linux video decode support

    I am curious over what support, if any, there is for hardware accelerated video decoding in Linux on i.MX8 ?   According to i.MX8 reference manual there seems to be only v4l2 capture support, i.e. camera stream ...
    Einar Bjorgvinsson
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  • i.MX6q eglCreateWindowSurface returns EGL_BAD_ALLOC

    Hi Team,   This is regarding our project TOYOTA_MEUCY17 based on i.MX6 Quad and based on L3.10.17_1.0.2 release. This project uses X11. In one of our use case browser application is crashing when Coyote app is ru...
    Ikshwaku Chauhan
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  • logo from uboot to kernel patch on imx6s; display flicker/red during boot

    Hello we have implemented the Bootlogo from uboot to kernel patch for our BSP and came across an issue on the i.mx6 Solo only (no issue on imx6 quad).   We have implemented the following patches on ker...
    Rick Veens
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  • MIPI Display interface

    Hi,   I am working on i. MX6 Dual Processors with linux kernel revision 4.9.88 and Debian file system . I want to interface COM43H4N10ULC MIPI DSI interface with MX6. COM43H4N10ULC : https://www.data-modul.com/...
    Jignesh Patel
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  • Xorg support for iMX8

    When will iMX8 specific Xorg drivers be available?      There was a previous question about this that was marked "Assumed Answered". The answer provided was that there was no X11 support at the time of...
    Tony Riederer
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  • LVDS Display for RD-IMX6Q-SABRE

    Hi all,    Is there a selection guide for LVDS displays compatible with RD-IMX6Q-SABRE board? Alternatively, can anyone suggest which LVDS Display do i have to buy for this board in order to use it with and...
    Elina Bougioukou
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