• Need advice for a screen resolution (LVDS)

    Hello. I need to output video with 1024x768 resolution and RGB24bit but with unusual 50  FPS (as I know 60 is default) to display via LVDS interface. At first, as I understand, I should to set video mode in u...
    Eugene Kruglikov
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  • About display controller

    Dears,       I'm confused with words like "IPU","DPU","G2D" etc. in NXP android source,they may exist in same source same time. 1.IPU seems works as display controller in source as well(check bel...
    keil guo
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  • GTK support IMX8MM

    Hello,   opencv_3.4.2.bbappend\opencv\recipes-graphics\meta-bsp\imx - meta-fsl-bsp-release - i.MX Yocto Project Release Layer    In the link above in line 18 the GTK support has been removed : PACKAGE...
    Jerry Naidoo
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  • How to enable screen time out while a qt app is running on imx6slevk?

    I'm using an imx6slevk board with yocto BSP I use linuxfb as the display driver and run a qt app (rastor window: prints a message on the lcd console) I observed that when the app is running the screen doesn't timeou...
    Sujay S
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  • IMX8MQ Android 9.0.2 screen turned to 180, the video playback did not turn to 180.

    IMX8MQ  Android 9.0.1 and  9.0.2 screen turned to 180, the video playback did not turn to 180. Use this command: "settings put system user_rotation 2" Can someone help improve this problem?  
    Tico Chen
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  • How to add custom system service to AOSP

    Hi Sir,   I am new to iMX and Android AOSP world and studying the Android System. I am using iMX8m mini board and i am able to download and build AOSP for Android 9 for this board.  Now i want to add simp...
    Maneesh Singh
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  • i.MX6 GStreamer-imx Plugins - Tutorial & Example Pipelines

    The Freescale i.MX6 has many video capabilities that are best accessed through GStreamer.   Gateworks, the leading supplier of Powerful ARM based Single Board Computer solutions using the Freescale i.MX6, has in...
    Ryan Erb
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  • ADV7180 probing issue

    Working on i.Mx6q based custom board. The kernel log shows following,   V4L2 device 'Mxc Camera' on IPU1_CSI0 registered as video0ERROR: v4l2 capture: slave not found!   The ADV180 decoder worked when /uni...
    Purvi Billore
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  • Unstable HD output on iMX6 Quad Plus Board

    Have upgraded our iMX6 based product from Quad to QuadPlus:   - Everything works, BUT video output is unstable (i.e. flicks to all black randomly) at high resolutions, e.g. 1920x1080 - At 1024x768, output is 10...
    Tony Bryant
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  • Install Galcore Module in linux-4.14.126

    I have installed Galcore as separate module for linux-4.14.126 for i.mx6dl bsp. It is not able to create device entry as "/dev/galcore" untill i disable etnaviv-drm in makemenuconfig and place older (linux-4.14.46)gpu...
    Ankit Kumar Singh
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  • iMX8QM OV5640 5MP Camera Greenish Overlay

    Hi,   In iMX8QM custom board with 4.14.98 Kernel BSP, we are facing Greenish overlay and captured image in OV5640 Camera with 'QSXGA_2592_1944' (5MP) resolution. On other lower resolution like (1080p,720p) the ...
    prashanth kumar
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  • HDMI does not working on iMX8mq-evk

    I got this error after connecting HDMI cable to iMX8MQ-evk   [ 453.501881] [drm] HDMI/DP Cable Plug Out [ 453.749877] [drm] HDMI/DP Cable Plug In [ 454.433798] [drm] HDMI/DP Cable Plug Out [ 454.681840] [drm] HD...
    Thinh Nguyen
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  • How to set 720p on i.MX8QM?

    How to set LVDS-to-HDMI to 720p on i.MX8QM-MEK Linux?
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  • I.MX8MM eLCDIF : how to align AS and PR planes reliably

    We have extended the Linux BSP to support the eLCDIF OVERLAY plane. We get correct alpha-blending of the AS overlay with the PR primary frame buffer. The problem we have is that we get erratic alignment of the AS im...
    Chris Hollis-Locke
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  • Need LCD Display (Single Channel LVDS) for i.MX8 MEK

    Hi,   Please suggest any LCD display (single channel LVDS interface) to be used with part # MCIMX8QXP-CPU MEK? Can part # MX8-DLVDS-LCD be used with above-mentioned MEK with only single channel LVDS interface?...
    Ali Ghamman
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  • IMX8M display rotation

    Hello, I am using a iMX8M mini EVK + LVDS panel (with a SN65DSI83 bridge). The panel has a hactive of 1024 and vactive of 600 I see the following in the logs 01-01 00:00:15.032  3130  3130 W disp...
    Raman Thapar
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  • how to use ldb/lvds in android8 of imx8mq ?

    Hi  anyone:      Is there any document about how to use lvds in android8 of imx8mq platform ?   Best Regards.
    jiang yaqiang
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  • Default display orientation in Android 8

    Hi,   on an i.MX6 SabreSD based board using the Android O8.0.0 release I'm trying to change the default display orientation to portrait mode.   Up until Android 7.1.2 this could be done setting ro.sf.hwrot...
    Thomas Elste
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  • iMX8M display shifted after playing decoded video with gstreamer

    Sometimes after playing decoded video with a gstreamer pipeline the display (including most but not all windows) gets shifted maybe 5 to 10 percent with the right side wrapping around to the left side (pictures attach...
    Michael Erwin
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  • Does imx6q support GIF for android OS?

    Hi ,   we are using imx6q evk board, where we are running android application which should display screensaver (GIF format )after timeout , but it fails to display screensaver where timeout occurs.   I wou...
    Ramesh Krishnan N
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