Petr Struzka

Config Tools for i.MX v7 Now Available

Blog Post created by Petr Struzka Employee on Jan 1, 2020

    We are pleased to announce that Config Tools for i.MX Application Processors v7 are now available.


    The Config Tools for i.MX is a set of configuration tools that provide an efficient method
    for evaluation and configuration of pins routing and DDR memory settings when designing
    with NXP's application processors based on Arm® Cortex®-A cores, including i.MX MPUs.


    The following tools are currently available:


    Memory Tool

    DDR Configuration and Validation tool allows you to create a configuration for the DDR component
    and to validate the DDR configuration using various validation scenarios

    • Support for iMX8MM
    • Allow users to import DDR controller and phy configuration from RPA tool
    • DDR controller Registers View support
    • Auto-detect of available COM ports
    • USB target connection
    • DDR phy support for LPDDR4
    • Basic validation tests support (Write-Read-Compare, Walking Ones, Walking Zeros)
    • Stress tests support (beta version)
    • vTSA (Virtual Timing Signal Analysis) support- RX data eye, TX data eye
    • Export tests results in JPEG format


    Pins Tool

    The Pins Tool is used for pin routing configuration, validation and code generation, including pin
    functional/electrical properties, power rails, run-time configurations.

    • Desktop application
    • Muxing and pin configuration with consistency checking
    • Multicore support
    • Localized for English and Simplified Chinese
    • Mostly Connected: On-Demand device data download
    • Integrates with any compiler and IDE
    • Supports English and Chinese (simplified) languages, based on locale settings. Please refer to user manual for details.
    • ANSI-C initialization code
    • Graphical processor package view
    • Multiple configuration blocks/functions
    • Easy-to-use device configuration
      • Selection of Pins and Peripherals
      • Package with IP blocks
      • Routed pins with electrical characteristics
      • Registers with configured and reset values
      • Power Groups with assigned voltage levels
      • Source code for C/C++ applications
    • Documented and easy to understand source code
    • CSV Report and Device Tree File


    Downloads & links

    • To download the installer for all platforms, please login to our download site via: 
    • Please refer to Documentation  for installation and quick start guides.
    • For further information about DDR config and validation, please go to this blog post.


    Whats new in v7

    • Product renamed to Config Tools for i.MX
    • Memory Tool added, supports DDR configuration and validation
    • Added "Help | Kit/Board Information" option that displays information about currently used kit or board.
    • Clickable Part number, Board and Kit name supported. It displays information about currently used processor, board and kit.
    • Data Manager - supports clearing locally cached processors, boards, kit and components content.
    • Configuration Preferences - supports custom copyright in generated sources
    • Preferences - Added Dark theme support
    • Pins tool: Added automatic routing feature which can be used for conflict resolution in the current functional group.