• Edit community user name

    How do I change my community user name? It is read-only in my account profile.
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  • Why do all my questions/comments go to moderation?

    Question in the title.   Does the forum work this way for everyone - that every single post is manually reviewed? If so, why? If not, what's going on in my case?   EDIT: OK, this question itself didn'...
    Brendan McDonnell
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  • NX3L2G384GT  low ohmic switch

    NX3L2G384GT is a dual SPST switch. Data sheet states current capability of 350mA. So is that per switch ? or total ? so it is was total then each switch is only 175mA ?
    Barry Ivemey
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  • Please change my Username

    Hello, My current username is sakamott@eng.ryosan.co.jp. I have change the company recently and I have the changed the email address. Therefore, please change to the following user name. tomohisa.sakamoto@avnet.com...
    Tomohisa Sakamoto
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    Why are my posts taking so long to be moderated?
    Gerry Kurz
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  • Account issue

    Email Address Change Follow the easy steps to change your email address https://community.nxp.com/docs/DOC-329581 If you still having issues, please create a case and our IT team will further assist you https://www....
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  • Change my Username

    Please change my username. My email id displayed in username at the moment, which I think is not so good. Please change to this --> "xpress_embedo"
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  • Question waiting for moderator approval

    I recently joined the community to post questions. The first question I posted to the Kinetics micro-controllers has been waiting for moderator approval for over 48 hours now. Is there something that I am missing whic...
    aniket c
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  • Has my account been reset?

    Hi,   Has my account been reset? I have zero points or levels, and I am being moderated again.   Thanks for looking.
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  • Firefox: Cant access NXP community

    Hi,              I cant login to nxp community using firefox [72 64 bit on windows]. Is it a know problem, or something to do with my current setup? Firefox appears to be blocking t...
    Tony Makkiel
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  • Change of personal data

    Hi,   I found that my user name is my mailbox. Now, no matter how I set my privacy, I will have my personal privacy information displayed. I want to change it, but I don't know how to contact the system administ...
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  • Waiting for moderator approval

    I recently joined the community and posted my first question. Now I am waiting for moderator approval for some days. I really need professional advice on my subject. Dear moderator! Could you give me your approval, ...
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  • Change username

    I want to change my username. So hundreds of people asked for it, but I have not found a way to do it on myself. Why is this not possible in the profile?! And finally? How to do it? who can help me?
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  • Horário certo.

    Não há mais "horário de verão" no Brasil.
    Davi Murca Viotto
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  • How to register in the Community!

    All NXP employees must follow these simple steps to become part of our community.     Go to community.nxp.com and click log in           **If you are currentl...
    Diana Torres
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  • Change Username

    Hi, could someone update my username (to Nietsdlog)? It's currently sitting as my email address! Google and the other web crawlers have cached that causing tons of spam. :-/
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  • change username

    Hi, Can you change my username to "pomepome11" ? thanks.
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  • Changing Username

    Could I ask someone to please help me change my username to: variable_andrew ?
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  • How can I change a spelling error in my name?

    In my NXP account my given name is written correctly, but within the comunity there is a spelling error. How can I change this error. In the community profile the name, the user name and the mail address are not ...
    Malene Fricke
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  • How to submit a new question for NXP Support

    Please use this procedure only for confidential cases and for cases which cannot be publicly shared on Community.   Question here means issue, ticket, case... and other synonyms. With the new NXP the new websit...
    Iva Susnova
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